Bus Crash - Aura Healing Insights Into Healing Physical and Emotional Traumas - Featured Image
How Ziji has Remotely helped in the healing of Bus Crash Injuries through Distance Aura Healing
September 30, 2020
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Bus Crash - Aura Healing Insights Into Healing Physical and Emotional Traumas - Featured Image
How Ziji has Remotely helped in the healing of Bus Crash Injuries through Distance Aura Healing
September 30, 2020
Chest Pain healing - Featured Image
How Ziji has Remotely helped in the healing of Chest Pain through Distance Aura Healing
October 12, 2020

How Ziji has Remotely helped in the healing of Belly Fat Weight Loss through Distance Aura Healing

Belly Fat healing -Featured Image

YouTube version:

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Synopsis of video:


Distance Aura Healer Ziji Kaufman describes a phone healing with a client who has tried everything to lose her belly fat. The client’s body intelligence gave Ziji a couple of amazing metaphorical visions to help him to reconnect the blocked Sacral (Belly) Chakra, the 2nd of the 7 primary Chakras, and reawaken the belly cell’s fat burning metabolism.


This video describes a remote aura healing I did on a client of mine, who had long sought to lose belly fat.

Her diet was very healthy, eating a low carbohydrate and high protein diet. She did a lot of exercises, like dancing, running, and yoga. But despite all her best efforts, she couldn’t lose the weight.

I should say, based on the photos she sent, that she wasn’t massively overweight or obese.

She mentioned that her body mass index or BMI, was definitely above where it should be for her height. Clearly, her cell metabolism was not burning the calories she needed for the 

weight loss she desired.

The first thing I saw when I tuned in for the distance aura healing, were Sacral Chakra healing issues (the 2nd of the seven primary Chakras), that needed addressing.

Now if you read the literature on the chakras (chakra healing, chakra clearing,

chakra cleansing, chakra colors, etc.), you will mostly read about the 7 ‘primary’ chakras. 

Besides the bottom or Root Chakra, the 1st of the 7 main chakras, and the top or Crown Chakra, the 7th of the seven main chakras  (which from my revelations are actually one chakra stretched out through the center of the body which I call the central chakra line), you have the (2) front sacral chakra or the 2nd of the 7 chakras, the (3) front solar plexus chakra or the 3rd of the seven chakras, the (4) front heart chakra or the green chakra, the (5) front throat chakra or the blue chakra, and the (6) front third eye chakra or the violet or indigo chakra. Thus totaling 7.

But the chakra literature usually doesn't mention the back chakras. So instead of their

being only 7 primary chakras, there are actually 12 when you count the BACK of the sacral / solar plexus / heart / throat/ and third eye chakras.

Indeed, to complicate this even more, with 7 layers of the aura, and 12 chakras on each layer,

you actually have 84 chakras in the human aura. 

You most likely won’t hear about this in the chakra literature. But the 1st layer of the 7 layers of the aura (the physical body layer)  has 12 chakras (these would be called the ‘primary’ chakras). The 2nd layer of the seven layers of the aura (the Emotional Body layer), also has 12 chakras, as does the 3rd layer of the 7 aura layers (the Mental Body Layer), the 4th layer of the seven aura layers (which I call the ‘People Body’), the 5th layer of the 7 auric layers (which I call the ‘Blueprint/Template/Human Container layer), the 6th layer of the seven auric layers (which I refer to as the ‘Spirit Body Layer -Lower Astral), and finally, the 7th layer of the 7 layers of the human aura (which I call the ‘Spirit Body Layer - Upper Astral)’. 

Let me emphasize again that the Crown chakra (the indigo chakra or violet chakra) and the Root chakra (the red chakra) are one chakra,

stretched out the length of the body in what I refer to as the central chakra channel.

It connects the Crown Chakra (the Sahasrara Chakra) and the Root Chakra ( Muladhara Chakra), or more metaphysically speaking, it connects Heaven and Earth!

And importantly, for optimal auric health, the  front and back chakras

should meet in the middle and intersect this central chakra line. 

Of course, very few people have this optimal center-line chakra hook-up.

Anyway, let me describe the really fascinating dimensions of this particular aura healing and chakra healing.

So, what I found when I tuned in for this distance healing, was that there was a lot of energy

from the third subtle body layer of the aura going outwards, towards the fourth, fifth, sixth

and seventh subtle body layers.

The same thing with the chakras.

There was a lot of energy from the third chakra (front and back) going outward, including the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh layer chakras (again, front and back).

The problem was INSIDE the 3rd layer: the first and second layers. In these innermost layers,

there was nothing going on. It was all blocked. It was like a no man's land.

So this explained quite a lot, because if there's no energy, getting through to the innermost layers and chakras of the aura (the 1st and 2nd) second, then no energy is getting in there.

There's no intelligence getting through! 

Basically, the cells are left on their own, having long ago forgotten that they were belly cells, thus creating random molecular clumps of cells, which translates to abdominal fat (in slang terms: ‘blubber’) as well as high cholesterol clogging up the healthy functioning of the digestive tract.

Now, the other thing that I saw as well, was that the central chakra line was pretty good until it got to the lower back and belly region, which was also a no man's land.

The energy was just not getting down from the brain down through the spine,

and thus nervous system communications weren't able to pass through this sacral-belly chakra (the svadhisthana chakra) blockage.  So those cells inside the belly were pretty much abandoned and at this point, the body wisdom of my client started revealing the 'Why'.

Why were these cells lost and abandoned inside the belly / sacral chakra and

also inside this central chakra line connecting the crown to the root?

At this point, the body wisdom showed me some really interesting visions.

The first vision it showed me was an image of miners being trapped down a mine shaft.

The cells in the belly were like miners trapped deep inside. You could look at the central chakra line as the vertical mine shaft and the cells in the belly as the trapped miners.

So the brain, on the top of the mine shaft, is yelling down, "How are you guys

doing down there? Don't worry, we're working non-stop to get down there to rescue you."

And, you could also look at it from the belly / sacral chakra horizontal (front to back) vantage 

point as well, because like the collapsed vertical mine shaft, the horizontal way to dig out the miner-belly cells, had also collapsed.

So the key to this remote healing was to clear out this belly / sacral chakra / auric intestine / auric lower back region of stuck energy.

To unblock this area, I was guided to work on both physical as well as emotional levels.

Physically, her lower spine, including the sacral bone and the lower lumbar vertebrae, had been traumatized from overworking at her job over many years, working really hard,

and not getting enough oxygen, enough blood, and enough energy to the lower spine.

So it started giving out, creating some significant lower back pain.

Emotionally speaking, as it relates to weight loss efforts, I was guided to dissolve the auric energy blocks in the front belly energy caused by different health crises and difficult family dynamics.

Anyway, slowly but surely the belly chakra started spinning correctly, trying

to connect the back and the front of the sacral chakras. spinning together. And by the end of the energy healing, the connection had been made.

I was also able to increase the energy stream flowing up and down the central chakra channel,

getting it to be more straight and flowing.

That's what you're looking for: the middle of the chakras to hook up with the central chakra line,

connecting the crown to the root.

So, in this particular healing, we definitely made a good hook-up, and the cells were now getting some improved communication from the brain down to the legs.

And most importantly, we were able to finally get to the abandoned miners and bring them up to safety, reminding them that they are belly cells.

Now the correct blueprint information is getting to the belly, and therefore the cells over time should finally start working correctly.

Hopefully, for my client’s weight loss goals, the fat should start to gradually come off.

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