‘Spirit-Body Liver’ Reunited With ‘Physical-Body Liver ‘ In The Healing Process Of A Client’s Liver Condition — ((NOTE: Click on image to see full picture))
August 10, 2019
Image representing an Aura Healing of a particular Brain Injury Client
Repairing A Healing Client’s Brain And Internal Organ “Fuse-box” Caused By A Head Injury “Blackout” — ((NOTE: Click on image to see full picture))
August 10, 2019

A Healing Client’s ‘Auric Blood’ Shows Varying Shades Of Red, Reflecting The Spectrum Of His Emotional States — ((NOTE: Click on image to see full picture))

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A Healing Client's 'Auric Blood' Shows Varying Shades Of Red, Reflecting The Spectrum Of His Emotional States

A Healing Client’s ‘Auric Blood’ Shows Varying Shades Of Red, Reflecting The Spectrum Of His Emotional States


This post is about  a client whose personality appeared to me during the phone healing as 4 distinct emotional states, which translated into gradations in the color of his ‘auric blood’, ranging from:

Emotional state #1. Happy-go-lucky
*Auric Blood Color: Bright red Emotional state #2. Good-natured, competitive spirit
*Auric Blood Color: MaroonEmotional state #3. Low energy from constantly struggling in life
*Auric Blood Color: Dark maroonEmotional state #4. Unable to get out of bed in the morning, feeling completely lost and defeated
*Auric Blood Color: Extremely dark maroon

This phenomenon can be understood using the analogy of passing white light through a prism, separating it into the red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet light colors of the rainbow spectrum.

Carrying this analogy to my client’s blood, we might stretch reality a bit and imagine that we could somehow pass his overall blood (that we see if he were bleeding) through an “emotional-blood-color-separating PRISM”.

Can you visualize this?

Hopefully you can, and that you are able to imagine that this special prism could separate the original blood color of my client’s blood into the 4 different blood colors corresponding to his 4 different emotional states.


abstract 3d illustration of glass prism with light ray

abstract 3d illustration of glass prism with light ray




Now for a description of the healing…

As soon as I tuned into his aura, I could see that there was a thick veil of numbness and alienation in his energy field that wasn’t there in the previous healing. This thick veil of alienated energy had the darkest maroon color of auric blood associated with it (Emotional State #4).

When I asked him if he experienced anything emotionally numbing or alienating since our last session, he said yes, that he went home to his parent’s house for the holidays, and that that could be the cause. According to my client, going home to these family gatherings is like having to sit in a mausoleum, doing nothing but solemnly sit quietly, mostly staring blankly into space, since no one ever asks him any questions about his life or his interests.

My client is a very interesting and colorful soul, exemplified by all his varied interests, like music, poetry, teaching disadvantaged kids, spiritual and metaphysical ideas, etc.

As a creative, colorful and active soul, it was especially numbing and depressing when his family members showed neither any interest in what he’s been up to in his life nor awareness of who he’s been as a person since leaving the family home over a decade ago.

At this point in the healing, the extremely dark maroon auric blood located in the alienated energy veil, started ‘talking’ to me. It showed me a vision of my client sitting completely bored at his family gathering, leaving him feeling despondent, numb and wishing he was somewhere else.

I was then guided to remove from my client’s aura, the whole experience of this depressing family gathering. The typical technique that I use for this type of ‘trauma removal’, involves my client’s body wisdom transferring all or some aspects of the trauma to my body and aura, whereupon I take the energy complex in, dissolve it and then release it to the Universe.

While my client will still have the mental memory of the family gathering, what gets removed during this type of healing, is the energetic and emotional trauma of the experience.

Following this trauma removal, I saw the extremely dark maroon auric blood lighten up considerably. Also, there was a nice, across the board lightening in the auric blood colors corresponding to the other 3 emotional states of my client’s personality. At the end of our session, my client stated that he felt much less depressed and more like ‘himself’.

Speaking more generally, if a person has a huge backlog of physical and/or emotional traumas buried deep in their auras, it may take some time to transform the health and color of their blood. Nonetheless, as we continue on our respective healing journeys, and keep excavating and removing more and more past emotional traumas from our auras, the darker tones in our auric AND physical blood color should gradually lighten up to brighter, more vibrant shades of red. This will no doubt translate into a much healthier you, not only physically and emotionally, but most likely mentally and spiritually as well.


I’ve added two extra dimensions to this conversation below that weren’t really part of this particular client’s healing, but are part of a larger conversation about blood color; One is from commonly known biological knowledge and the other is a more yogic-metaphysical perspective.

#1: Biologically speaking, it is known that differences in shade of the color of blood corresponds to how much oxygen is in the blood; the more oxygen the blood carries, the brighter the red, and the less ‘oxygenated’, the darker the blood appears. Adding an emotional component to this, it’s not difficult to comprehend that when someone is happy, their heart and lungs are going to be more energized, taking in deeper, heartier breaths, bringing more oxygen into the heart and awakening the whole body with rich, bright red oxygenated blood. Similarly, when someone is not happy, both the heart and the lungs will be poorly energized: the autonomic nervous system slows down, causing weaker heart pumping and shallower breathing, which brings less oxygen into the person’s blood. This in turn darkens the blood color to deeper, murkier shades of red. One can’t feel well in this negative, low oxygenation state.

#2: Expressing this same concept in relation to the yogic chakra system, it’s not hard to understand that when someone is happy, their Heart Chakra will spin more freely of distortion, closer to its ideal vortex spin. This brings positive energy from the Universe into their heart area which likely will act to brighten the color of their auric and physical blood.  Likewise, when a person is less happy, there will be more distortions in the spinning of their heart chakra, which will likely make their auric blood color darker, and affect their physical blood as well.




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