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‘Spirit-Body Liver’ Reunited With ‘Physical-Body Liver ‘ In The Healing Process Of A Client’s Liver Condition — ((NOTE: Click on image to see full picture))

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'Spirit-Body Liver' Reunited With 'Physical-Body Liver ' In The Healing Process Of A Client's Liver Condition .

‘Spirit-Body Liver’ Reunited With ‘Physical-Body Liver ‘ In The Healing Process Of A Client’s Liver Condition


I created this image to represent a vision I had while doing a healing on a client with a serious liver disease. This was one of the first of many phone healing sessions we had, but it was an extremely important step in her overall healing journey.

In the vision, I saw my client’s spirit body detached and hovering 5 feet out to the right side of her physical body. Her spirit-body liver was connected to her physical-body liver by only a thin energy cord, represented in the vision by a chain.

In perfect health, which no one I know (including myself) has achieved, the spirit body is positioned completely inside the physical body. As well, all the spirit organ-systems would be inside and properly aligned with the physical body’s organ-systems.

This 5 foot separation of her spirit body and its organ-systems from the physical body and its organ-systems, was clearly a major underlying factor of her liver disease, as well as a probable root cause of her other, non-liver related health issues.

The key point here is that any particular organ-system of the physical-body needs to have its accompanying spirit-body organ-system aligned and inside the physical body for that particular organ-system to work correctly. Much more so to recapture vibrant health!

There are countless possible reasons why a person’s spirit body might become detached, as well countless possible degrees and types of detachment. So let’s focus here on this particular client’s spirit body detachment.

After her body wisdom showed me her detached spirit body, I was guided to use my telepathic vision to ‘zoom in’ to view her physical liver at a microscopic level. When I saw what was going on at that level, I immediately understood why her spirit body was so detached.
In the vision shown to me, the physical liver was like a boarded up abandoned home with a “Danger, Do Not Enter” sign nailed to the door.
In other words, the spirit body at some point in the past decided it could no longer live inside the physical body, because the physical liver was ‘boarded up’ and uninhabitable.

I should mention at this point, that the front solar plexus chakra (sometimes referred to as the third chakra), in perfect health, aligns with the center of the liver. Though it’s a bit beyond the scope of this particular blog post, in future posts, we will definitely explore how distortions in the solar plexus chakra can be the underlying cause of many liver conditions.

Back to this particular healing…

It was obvious to me, that the first step in the healing of this client’s liver disease, was to get her spirit body back inside her physical body. As with all my healings, my way of achieving this is to follow the client’s body’s wisdom, which will guide me through the hidden pathways of healing.

When telescoping in to view the cells of her physical liver, I could see that they were completely dried out, like dried cracked mud. It was obvious to me that somehow these lifeless, dried out liver cells needed to be energized, revitalized, and transformed back into the living, moist liver cells they once were.

Following her body’s guidance, I telepathically held my spirit hands below her physical liver and generated an electro-magnetic field that ever so gradually started to shift the alignment of the liver cells; my spirit hands becoming like magnets, causing the liver cells, like iron filings aligning themselves to the north-south direction, to come into molecular alignment. Once molecularly aligned, the boarded up entrance to my client’s physical liver suddenly became accessible and open.

At this point, I was guided to use my spirit hands to tug strongly on the thin cord connecting her physical liver to her spirit liver, using significant force to pull the spirit liver back towards the physical liver. Finally, I was able to get her entire spirit body nicely inside her physical body, and mostly well aligned.

Whew, that was a lot!

As I mentioned at the beginning of this blog post, this particular healing was one of the first of many sessions we had, but again, was an extremely important initial step in her longer healing journey. As with most serious diseases, there are multitudinous dimensions that need to be addressed and healed in stages over time, at a pace that the body can safely handle and integrate.

As well, there are different goals and plateaus in a person’s healing journey, all of which are important and significant. Small advances in healing should never be taken for granted, while we hope and pray for great breakthroughs in our overall well-being.




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