CHEST PAIN-Solar Plexus Chakra 180 Degree Imploding Dagger — (video below top image)
August 25, 2018
Emotional Nervous System Shaking – Psychic Cannon Ball Dignity-Reclaiming Aftermath — (video below top image)
August 25, 2018

Extreme Shyness-Wrapped In An Auric Cocoon — (video below top image)

Transcription of Extreme Shyness Video: ”Wrapped In An Auric Cocoon”

This is a healing about a client of mine who was really, came to me with a complaint that she was painfully shy, and just wasn’t able to move forward in her life. reach out to people, take those opportunities in a job and career, and also in relationships. So, the unique thing about this healing is what this particular person did aurically over many years to, sort of, seal themselves in, protect themselves, create a buffer between themselves and other people. And it was very, very interesting, cause when I tuned in, what I saw basically, I saw the whole left side of her aura, not only shift, twisted forward, which in and of itself, is important cause the left side, you know, is the Yin, the feminine, the emotional, you’ve got your heart right here on the left, you’ve got your spleen, which is a very important emotional organ, very, very important, the heart and the spleen together. So, the client detached their spirit body to the left, splitting off with the right side, and not only twisting to the left, but actually, this person actually turned inward. It’s like she wrapped herself in an auric blanket on the left side, which I’m calling it really looked like a cocoon. She wrapped herself in a cocoon energy. You know, almost like a blanket, holding herself in, wrapping herself up in a blanket, turning herself around, like this.

So, it’s sweet when she’s protecting herself, but also, you know, when you create that kind of energy wall, energy barrier, you know, it’s hard for the world to connect with you, it’s almost, you know, in a way, you’re trying to, sort of, be invisible, wrapping yourself in a cocoon, you know, people look at you, and they’re like, “Oh well, she’s kind of to herself.” “Very shy.” You know, it’s an effort to get through, you know? The person could be the nicest person in the world, but there’s an energetic barrier that’s keeping them isolated and protected. So, anyway this was a very cool healing, because her body wisdom came to me with that complaint. You know, I’m painfully shy, I’m not moving forward in my life so the body wisdom was ready to shift this. You know, it’s about time, I guess. Her body wisdom said, “It’s about time to come out of the cocoon, and hopefully become a butterfly.” So, it was a very interesting healing, the body wisdom worked with me, we pulled out a few emotional traumas, and the auric body started to untwist and uncurl, and then we were able to, sort of, reattach the left side to the right side, working on the spine, and the back chackras as well. So, this person, you know, is moving forward, very excited, you know, that the body wisdom finally is ready to come back, come back to the planet, come back to people, connect with people, etcetera, etcetera. All right.

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