Alcohol Spirit Possession – Raucous Spirits Take Over 6th Auric Layer ‘Apartment’ — (video below top image)
May 9, 2018
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February 22, 2018

Exaggerated Anger Response – Electric Eels in a Spinal Firestorm — (video below top image)

Transcription of Exaggerated Anger Response Video: ”3 Electric Eels in a Spinal Firestorm”

We did the healing on him and pretty soon I started to realize, and also from talking to him, but also going into his aura, I started to realize that it really had to do with his boss at work, and the many stages of increasing, aggressive, harassment, kind of, belligerent pressure that his boss at work kept putting on him, over a period of a number of years. And, it had completely reached a point where, you know, he was just going out of his brain with stress, and tension, and anger, and edginess. You know, and of course he’s totally fearful of losing his job, he’s got a pension, great medical/health package a good salary, so he was not going anywhere. So. he pretty much had to just suck it up, and not say anything to his boss. The interesting thing about this healing, was what happened to the auric nerves in his spine, that went from, you know, normal state to where he was really, as I said, about to go out of his skull. And, basically what happened aurically, what I saw in the healing, turn the skeleton around here, I saw that there were three auric nerves, and I say auric nerves, because his physical nerves are gonna, pretty much, stay where they are, but the auric nerves, and this is the interesting dimension of this, is you got two things going on with the physical body, you know, you got the placement of the physical body, the arms gonna be where the arms gonna be, the spines gonna be where it’s gonna be, but the auric, I call it the auric architecture, which underlies the physical body, which really is a model. The physical body models itself after the auric architecture of the auric body.
Now, some people think the auric body is what, is what surrounds the body, which is true too, but it starts out inside the body as the model for the physical body. It’s really pretty interesting, so when you get a distortion in the auric body, that’s when the physical body starts distorting. You get a breakage in the auric body, and it may take a long time, may take a few lifetimes before the breakage happens in the physical body, but that’s how it happens. A lot of times, starts out in the auric field. And, the emotions, of course, a lot of times are what trigger it, the distortion auric field, which eventually translates into the physical body. Now, what I saw, in doing this healing, was there were three auric nerves going from the base of the skull, going all the way down to the bottom lumbar vertebrae. And, they were not inside the spine, far from it, you know, and in normal aruic architecture, the auric nerves should be inside where the physical nerves should be, the auric nerve should be inside the physical nerve. But, in this case, the auric nerves were hovering, three of them, twisting and twining about a few inches all around the spinal column. And, they were twisting and twining just at the image that the body wisdom gave me, there’s a crazy image. It gave me the image of three electric eels, long electric eels that would go from the base of the spine to the bottom lumbar vertebrae. And, they were twisting and twining, and rotating around in all kinds of directions around the spine. And, when the different electric eels, the auric nerves would bounce off each other, that would be a time, a moment when, when my client would just have uncontrollable, irrational anger and explosive, electrical reactions to whatever was being thrown at him, it was irrational. It wasn’t even based on reality somebody would even be, you know, just being really normal question. But, because the auric nerves, the three electrical fields were banging, all twisting and twining, twisting, and then banging against each other, he would have these irrational outbursts, that had nothing to do with the reality. You know, so this is pretty dramatic, pretty dramatic stuff here.
And, this would easily translate, I have another client who has a very severe neuropathy, and I’ve seen the same phenomenon throughout his whole aura, you know, where the auric, the auric nerves are not inside the physical nerves, and they’re doing all kinds of crazy, you know? I call it sometimes, I call it, like a, the old pinball machines from from the sixties and seventies, you know, where the pinball is going all around, bing, bing, bing, bing. you know well that’s, you know, in a neuropathy example when the auric nerves just leave the physical nerves, and they’re just bouncing all around creating all these crazy energies, and it drives the person crazy, gives them tremendous pain, etcetera. etcetera. In this particular case, with my client, it just completely took over his attitude, and tension stress, and even a bordered into, you know, aggression, abuse, and even violence. It started, that’s when he got nervous, you know, doesn’t want somebody to call the police on him, so he got nervous, and thought, “I better deal with this right now.” that’s when he started seeing me. So, basically the process here was a pulling out, I saw all the abuses like movies. I saw the boss coming into his face, and stress I saw all kinds of stresses going on with the boss interactions. Many, many, many, types of interactions, I was just pulling them out one at a time, different areas of the workplace, at is at his work station, outside of work, at a party, a work party, etcetera, etcetera. All these incidents, and I would describe these incidents to him, you know, and he would say “Yeah, that definitely happened, that’s exactly what happened, that’s what he said more or less, how he said it” etcetera etcetera, and so by pulling all this stuff out, I got the three electrical eels to begin the process of calming down, slowing down, they’re twisting and twining and banging against each other, lessening the incidents, with which they would hit each other explosively, creating this irrational reaction in my client, and slowly but surely, getting those nerves to calm down getting closer, and closer, and closer to the spinal column where they really should be residing. I didn’t quite get there in that particular healing, but in future healings I did. And, you know, the result really was that we were seriously able to curtail the explosive, the violent, out of mind reactions, that this guy was having to seemingly normal, you know, interactions with people, and normal conversations.
So, this was pretty dramatic. It just shows how stress, and pressure, and aggression, and violence, psychic, emotional, and physical violence, will take your nerves, you know, another good analogy is sort of like, you know, like a string instrument, let’s say a guitar, you know, and you can even talk about it in terms of how a musician would play the guitar. And, you could look at, you know, how a punk rocker might crazily, you know, or Pete Townsend, when he was doing his, you know, smashing the guitar, and playing it crazy, and doing his, you know? So, the strings on that electric guitar were just vibrating all over the place, and the emotional energy that the player was putting into the strings was this crazy energy, and this emotional release energy. You know, and take that to… I was just watching last night, a documentary on Sting, and there was a a portion of it where he was playing the song “Fragile.” And. he’s playing it beautifully on this classical acoustic guitar, you know, with this beautiful bossa nova energy, which is so gentle, you know, really just so gentle. And, the strings would be just barely touched, barely vibrating, you know, so that’s sort of another analogy, and he was pouring love, deep emotion and love, and beauty into those, into those strings. So, it’s sort of analogous to how the nervous system gets agitated, creates these these disturbances and balances, and crazy interactions. This an electrical fire storm, you know, it’s like, it’s like a thousand electrical barb wire fence being twisted, you know, and all these, you know, these short circuit, and many sparks flying all over the place. That goes on inside of us. We’re an electrical universe, you know, and our nervous system is kind of delicate, in a way, you know, and really doesn’t need that gentle playing, as in Sting’s song “Fragile” you know, in order for us to be beautiful and harmonious beings. So, all righty

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