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August 25, 2018
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May 9, 2018

Alcohol Spirit Possession – Raucous Spirits Take Over 6th Auric Layer ‘Apartment’ — (video below top image)

Transcription of Video: “Possession by Alcohol Spirits”

Well, this is a healing of a gentlemen who is in his 40’s, or so. And, he finds out that his father had passed away and hadn’t see his father and been in his father’s house in many years, and they had a falling out a long time ago. And this was a difficult relationship between a father and son. So, you know, the son has to clean out the father’s house now that the father has passed away. And so, you know, besides the feeling of not, you know, another thing to do in your life, when your life is already maxed out. You know, you don’t have a lot of energy and now you’ve go to go to another state and deal with the estate of your deceased father, who you already have difficult feelings about. Is already, obviously, going to be an enormous strain, on your physical and emotional being. So, the other dimension of this healing was the alcoholic spirit dimension, because the father was an alcoholic and that’s obviously one of the reasons that my client didn’t want to speak to him, got out of touch with him, you know, and all of his problem, all of the emotional problems that my client had, a lot of them came from the abuse. Psychologically mostly, abuse that he got from his alcoholic father. So, and my client was dead-set against alcohol, really just wrote it off, and never wanted to be like his father, and never wanted to treat his kids like his father treated him. Because he was an alcoholic, so my client really was squeaky clean in terms of substance abuse. So, what happened basically was my client had obviously to spend a lot of time in his deceased father’s house, to get everything in order and everything out. Organize, bla bla bla. And without really understanding it, obviously, at the time. You know he really wasn’t psychic, wasn’t able to perceive spirits or anything like that. Basically within a few days, of him starting to clean out his father’s house, he started drinking alcohol. My client started drinking alcohol. when he was totally against it. You know, before he entered his father’s house. And then in the coming year, he became a complete alcoholic himself, and this lasted a good decade before he finally went into AA and got himself sober again. But, when I was doing the healing, now this person came to me many years later after becoming sober, you know, through the AA. And this person still had a lot of emotional, my client still had a lot of emotional issues. Really wasn’t connecting to people. Really wasn’t moving ahead in his business. A lot of blocks and a lot of, sort of, depression. A lot of weird, kind of, neurotic mannerisms in communication to, sort of, push you away. So, basically in the very first healing that I did on him, what I saw was just unbelievable. It blew my mind, and I’ve seen a lot of things. A lot of things in the healings that I’ve done over the years, and here’s what I found. I found about 14 alcohol spirits. You know, they call alcohol spirits for a reason. They’re spirits. They take you over. You know, and my client had 14 alcohol spirits and they were all living at the 6th layer of my client’s aura. You know, the 1st layer is the physical layer, then the emotional body, the mental body and etcetra, etcetra going all the way to the 6th layer. The 7th layer is the highest layer. You could read my website AuraHealin- to read more about the different layers and the chakras, and all that. Not gonna go into it here but basically, they had camped out, they had squatted, they had taken over my client’s aura completely at the 6th layer they were all camping out up there, having a great party. At the expense of my client. And my client basically all the weird mannerisms, all the depression, all the anti-social dimensions, the tiredness, failures, you know, etcetera, etcetera, all came from this raucous, irreverent, crazy, alcoholic party that these 14 spirits were having all the way up in the tree house. 6th layer tree house of my client’s aura, and it was just unbelievable. They were just weird. They were really, really weird spirits. So, basically the healing was just pulling them out. Just pulling these spirits out of my client. And, it was pretty dramatic. Some of them were pretty strong, and put up a little, or a lot, of a struggle, of a fight before I, you know, sort of booted them out. Booted them back to the universe, and they’re gonna probably have to go back to some kind of bar somewhere and find another victim whose drinking and who’s open to commiserating and allowing these raucous spirits to come into their body. But, this client came to me, I pulled those spirits out, and it’s been pretty amazing since then. Really, I mean very soon, within a number of more healings, still doing healings with this client, but very soon the client started noticing a number of shifts, less fearful, less paranoid, less defensive, less defeatist, less tired, more positive, looking great. This client had, you know, bags under their eyes and just had, kind of, this look about them. You know, from the shadows kind of look. Now the client’s face is really smooth and, you know, looking really, really good. So, this is an example of the power of alcohol spirits and what they can do. How they can take you over and live inside you, feed off you, parasite off you, live off your blood, live off your food supply, live in your intestines, live in your nervous system, live in your brain, I mean, you know, the body maintains a beautiful 98 something degree heat and it’s a nice warm house to live in, and there’s food coming in all the time, and, you know, if a spirit can get in, some kind of entity can get in your aura, you know, and it can’t be discovered, it can’t be booted out, by the person’s immune system. you know, white blood cells, defense system, you know, it gets in there and figures out how to hide, it’s got a place to live. And, that’s just the way it happens. You know, in another video, maybe I’ll go into more detail about the phenomenon of entities, and how the body deals with that. In this particular healing, I think I just wanted to focus on how alcohol spirits really come take you over. Also, you know, obviously I was able to get them out, and good results occurred. So, there’s hope. Allrighty.

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