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In this video: My client began to limp after difficult interactions with her son. Watch the video to learn more
about the auric dimensions of this relationship between the emotions and the physical body.


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Leg Issues - Resurrecting Ancient RomanGreek Goddess Courage - Aura Healing Insights

Leg Issues - Ancient "Goddess of the Hunt" Courage

page breakIn this video: My client connected with an Ancient Roman/Greek Goddess aspect of herself, which helped her
to come down to Earth energetically, helping ground her in her life as well as help her Leg Pain issue.

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Leg Pain Healing with Celtic Goddess


Leg Issues - with Celtic Goddess - Aura Healing Insights

page breakIn this video: My client reconnected with a lost Celtic Goddess aspect of herself to heal from years of managing disgruntled
workers who, by undercutting her authority,  had hurt her ability to 'put her foot down', causing her chronic leg pain among
other physical and emotional ailments.

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In this video: My client's auric left leg became elongated, twisted, and distorted, due to him having a severe
emotional reaction to not being able to attend his daughter's wedding due to it being in another country. In addition
to the leg distortions, my client also developed Pink Eye due to the same extreme emotions.page break