Heart As Symphony Conductor - Featured Image
How Ziji has Remotely helped in the healing of Heart Condition through Distance Aura Healing
August 5, 2020
Heart As Symphony Conductor - Featured Image
How Ziji has Remotely helped in the healing of Heart Condition through Distance Aura Healing
August 5, 2020

How Ziji Remotely helped in healing of Severe Pain with Celtic Goddess’ help in Distance Aura Healing

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Synopsis of Video


Distance Aura Healer Ziji Kaufman describes a phone healing on a client, where after helping to reactivate the client’s energetic connection to a specific Ancient Celtic Goddess, her leg pain, back pain, headaches, and the blocks in various chakras began to heal.

  This video is about a remote aura healing over the phone, of a woman who went back to work after raising her kids, her husband had retired and she just felt that she had lots of extra energy to offer to the world, so to speak. Her marriage was going great and her kids were grown up and taking care of themselves. So she felt very positive about going back into the workplace. So she took a job as a manager in a warehouse. As a very spiritually oriented person,  she was excited about working with all types of different workers from all different backgrounds.  But after 15 years of working in this job, she came to me with many physical and emotional complaints, looking for healing. Her legs and spine were giving her a lot of pain. She was also exhausted and had a lot of headaches. One interesting dimension that I recognized right off the bat, was that the areas of her spine that she said hurt the most, seemed to be more or less aligned with the back sacral chakra, the 2nd of the 7 primary chakras, back solar plexus chakra, the 3rd of the seven main chakras, the back heart chakra, the 4th of the 7 chakras, and the back throat chakra, the 5th of the seven chakras of the human aura. As well, the spot she indicated where her headaches seemed to be located, coincided more or less with the back of the third eye chakra, the sixth of the seven primary chakras.


Interestingly, when I tuned in for the healing, her Body Wisdom directed me to go all the way up to the Sixth Layer of the 7 layers of the aura. In my system, I call this layer the 'Spirit Body' layer (the Astral Plane), which to me, is who we are 'beyond the human realm'. It's who we are in between lifetimes. It's our current 'identity' within the whole Universe. It's our 'light body' which passes from lifetime to afterlife to lifetime, again and again, until the Universe deems we have learned sufficient lessons that we can choose not to reincarnate anymore if we don't want to. Nonetheless, many of these highly advanced souls choose to continue to reincarnate anyway, oftentimes to carry out some important 'mission' necessary for the evolution of human consciousness.


In my many years doing these distance aura healings, it's very uncommon to start at this 'non-human'  6th layer of the seven aura layers. But for some reason her Body Wisdom wanted me to see who she 'REALLY' was at the 'soul' level, before working our way down into the nitty-gritty of the 5 lower subtle body layers of the 7 aura layers (the fifth layer of the aura, in my system, I call the 'human blueprint-template-container' layer, because it is the umbrella container for the First Layer of the Aura - the Physical Body layer of the 7 layers of the aura/ the Second Layer of the Aura - the Emotional Body layer of the seven auric layers / the Third Layer of the Aura - the Mental Body Layer of the 7 layers of the human aura / and the Fourth Layer of the Aura - I call it 'The People Layer' of the 7 aura layers- where I believe all of our human interactions with other people are stored).


At this point in the healing, I was shown an amazing vision by her Body Intelligence.  In this 6th subtle body layer vision, I saw my client as some ancient Goddess flying across the sky on a  Spirit Horse with all these rainbow colors swirling all around her. There was this amazing beaming smile on her face, and beautiful healing rainbow light was radiating out of her. For some reason, I had this strong sense that this was a Goddess from the Ancient Celtic mythology. So I took a moment during this healing to quickly google which Ancient Celtic Goddess was associated with horses that flew through the sky. The Goddess that most closely fits this description, was Epona. I'm not sure if my client was Irish in this lifetime, and I wouldn't make the claim that she was ACTUALLY The Goddess Epona in a past existence, being part of the Ancient Celtic Pantheon of Gods and Goddesses (along with Brigid, The Morrígan,  Rhiannon, etc.).


After seeing all these amazing, beautiful 6th layer visions, her body wisdom then brought me back down into the 'Human Layers of her Aura', Layers 1 through 5, to now deal with her current incarnation and the physical and emotional issues she was looking to get relief from. Again, these physical and emotional issues included pain in her legs and spine pain, exhaustion and headaches. As mentioned earlier, the areas in her spine that she said hurt the most, aligned roughly with the back chakras, including the back sacral chakra blockages (the Orange Chakra), back solar plexus chakra blockages (the Yellow Chakra), back heart chakra blockages (the Green Chakra), back throat chakra blockages (the Blue Chakra), and back of the third eye chakra blockages (the Violet Chakra / Indigo Chakra), as well as the leg pain being connected with the root chakra (the Red Chakra).


When tuning into her spine, I saw what I will describe as 'energy boulders', roughly placed at those points along the spine that coincided with the 5 back chakras mentioned above. These 'energy boulders' were blocking her (kundalini ?) energy from rising up from the earth, through her legs, and up the spine to reach past the crown chakra (the Sahasrara Chakra)  , and up past the human auric layers into perhaps the sixth layer Goddess realm of Epona, with all its ecstatic rainbow energies!


When I tuned into each one of these 'boulders', they started 'talking to me' and 'giving me visions', essentially giving me the keys to unlocking - unblocking them, so my client can get her spinal energies and her overall vitality and youth flowing again. What these 'boulders' showed me was that they each contained past difficult encounters she had with assorted co-workers over her 15 years as this warehouse manager.


The main problem for my client with handling these many difficult employee interactions over the years, was that she was essentially 'too nice'. As a spiritual, positive person, with many open FRONT chakras, which made her very approachable. Unfortunately, when these FRONT chakras encountered these difficult workers, the BACK chakras would 'back up' and 'shut down'.. Let me go into the nuances of this FRONT-BACK chakra dynamic a bit.


Essentially, the FRONT chakras give one the 'ABILITY' to perceive 'That Chakra's GIFT', and the BACK chakras give one the ENERGY to bring 'That Chakra's GIFT' into being.


For example, my client's FRONT Heart chakra (the Anahata Chakra) had the 'ABILITY' to give love, and in the workplace, made my client open, receptive, compassionate, and empathetic to employees, who felt she was approachable.


This openness that made her approachable to disgruntled employees, now worked against my client because these employees felt that she 'wouldn't bite', so to speak, though she would 'silently' defend herself energetically though without any discernable irritation or anger towards the disgruntled employee.


In chakra healing terminology, this caused her BACK Heart chakra to shut down, giving her less and less ENERGY to give that Love that her FRONT forth chakra was capable of.


And thus, over 15 years, her BACK 4th chakra had turned into a 'boulder', blocking the energy flow up and down her spine, and keeping her from her fundamental joyful and ecstatic 6th layer 'Goddess' potential. This same 'energy boulder blocks' occurred at the Back Sacral chakra (the Svadhisthana Chakra), the Back Solar Plexus chakra (the Manipura Chakra) , the Back Throat Chakra (the Vishuddha Chakra), and the Back Third Eye chakra (the Ajna Chakra), as well as seriously diminishing the energy of her Root chakra (the Muladhara Chakra), cause all her leg pain issues.


Let me explain the 'ideal' situation involved in this discussion.


Ideally, a healthy FRONT 2nd Chakra generally gives one the ABILITY to experience pleasure, while the healthy BACK second chakra generally gives one the ENERGY to experience this pleasure. The healthy FRONT 3rd chakra generally gives one the ABILITY to connect with people easily, while the healthy BACK third chakra gives one the ENERGY to connect with lots of people with ease.  The healthy FRONT 5th chakra generally gives one the ABILITY to express oneself verbally with ease, while the healthy BACK fifth chakra generally gives one the ENERGY to keep on speaking (or singing) for long periods of time as needed and also to be able to project their voice with appropriate volume. Finally, the healthy FRONT 6th chakra generally gives one the ABILITY to generate ideas and creative thoughts, while the healthy BACK sixth chakra gives one the ENERGY to continually generate these new and creative ideas.


My client's 1st chakra also became traumatized and exhausted over these 15 years, causing her to lose her leg strength and stability, and causing her a lot of pain. She had lost her ability to 'put her foot down' with angry employees,  feeling like she 'didn't have her footing' with employees constantly thwarting her will. Thus losing her first chakra strength.


Fortunately, my client came to me when she was very close to retirement, and thus shortly, she would not be accumulating any more abuse from co-workers, and could now FINALLY focus on healing herself from these past 15 years.


So this healing essentially entailed tuning into all the 'spine boulders' and first accessing, then dissolving, all the many difficult employee encounters of the years. I would often see whole scenes like movies, showing employee's faces and the intensity of the interactions.


By the end of the healing, I felt that I had dissolved most of the energy boulders, and my client's spine energy seemed to now be able to flow much more smoothly from her feet up through her legs and Root chakra, up through her 5 back chakras and finally up and out through her 7th chakra, thus hopefully reconnecting her with her original positive, high energy, joyful spiritual energy, which clearly evoked the energy of the Ancient Celtic Horse / Sky Goddess Epona.


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