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page breakStress - Aura Healing Insights Into Ordinary Health Issues

Stress - Fears & Paranoia - Aura Healing Insights

page breakIn this video: My client, due to early childhood family dysfunction, had internalized a feeling that she was always
being judged and scrutinized by others. This created irrational feelings of Fear & Paranoia. These feelings were not justified based on her adult interactions with friends and colleagues. Nonetheless, these irrational, internalized early childhood emotions created enormous Stress which this healing break

page breakStress - Anger Issues - Aura Healing Insights

Stress - Anger Issues - Aura Healing Insights

page breakIn this video: My client had been experiencing excessive amounts of Stress which didn't appear to have real-world
triggers. Upon tuning into his aura for the healing, I saw how years of workplace harassment by his boss had caused
his auric nervous system and spinal cord to vibrate out of control, leading to his tendency to being emotionally touchy
and extremely quick to Anger.
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In this video: My client's Stress levels went through the roof while knowing his daughter was being married
that day in a foreign country, and for a variety of reasons, he couldn't attend. This Stress created a number of
physical symptoms, including Pink Eye.
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