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November 10, 2020
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Excessive Fears and Paranoid feelings-Featured Image
How Ziji has Remotely helped the healing of Fear & Paranoia Emotions through Distance Aura Healing
November 10, 2020
Hemorrhoids caused by Passive-Aggressive Emotions and Root Chakra Distortions - Featured Image
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July 20, 2022

How Ziji has Remotely helped in the healing of Anger Emotions through Distance Aura Healing

Excessive Anger healing - Featured Image

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Synopsis of Video


Distance Aura Healer, Ziji Kaufman, describes a past healing on a client with intense anger issues caused by workplace harassment. The healing involved erasing auric memories of the harassments & diffusing the wildly vibrating auric nerves that had detached from the spine's vertebral column & spinal nerves.


This video describes a Remote Aura Healing on a client who after many years of increasingly aggressive workplace harassment by his boss, had reached a critical threshold of stress, tension, and anger


My client, of course, wasn’t about to file a complaint against his boss as he was fearful of losing his job. So he had to suck it up, and not confront his boss. He's got a pension, a great medical/ health package, and a good salary, so he wasn’t planning on quitting any time soon.


So he had to work extremely hard to control his angry emotions, he even went to a professional to help him with anger management.


The interesting thing about this remote healing was what happened to the auric nerves in his spine, which at the beginning of the aura healing were extremely distorted and out of alignment with the location of the physical spinal nerves. 


Physically, he didn’t have a nervous system disorder or any nerve pain (yet!).


To briefly explain this phenomenon further, you’ve got the physical spine and the auric spine and they might not be aligned.


I call the auric organs and systems that may not be completely aligned with their physical body counterparts, the “Auric Architecture”.


The auric architecture underlies the physical body, and in optimal situations, the physical body will model itself after the auric architecture of the auric body. 


And with a remote aura healer like myself correcting the underlying Auric Architecture body, and with millions of cells dying every day and millions of new cells being born, the physical body will gradually align its newly born cells along the corrected auric architecture template.


Now, some people think the aura is what surrounds the body giving you those typically pleasant Aura Colors seen in Aura Photography images. Actually, the auric body starts inside the body becoming the template or model for the physical body. So when a Remote Aura Healer like myself does an Aura Cleansing or Aura Clearing, one must not overlook the incredibly intricate Auric Organs and Systems inside the body as well as the Aura Colors emanating outside the body.


In terms of the Subtle Body Layers of the Aura, the Auric organs and systems inside the body would be the 1st Layer of the 7 Layers of the Aura (the Physical Body Layer), while the Auric Colors would start at the 2nd Layer of the Seven Layers of the Aura (the Emotional Body) and beyond.


So when you get distortion in the energy body, usually due to some physical or emotional trauma(s), the physical body will start distorting. 


It may take a long time, maybe even a few lifetimes before the physical body will finally manifest the underlying distortion of the auric body/architecture. But that's how it happens.


So to be clear, my client didn’t have a physical spinal cord condition (yet!). He didn’t have any spine pain or back pain either.


So what I saw in the energy healing, were these three auric nerves, going from the base of the skull, all the way down to the bottom lumbar vertebrae, and they were not aligned with the location of the physical spine. Far from it. 


These three auric nerves were hovering, twisting and twining a few inches all around the spinal column.


The 4 back chakras that likely exacerbated the wild movements of these detached auric nerves
would have been the back Sacral Chakra(the 2nd of the 7 Primary Chakras), the back Solar Plexus Chakra (the 3rd of the Seven Primary Chakras), the back Heart Chakra (the 4th of the 7 main Chakras), and the back Throat Chakra (the 5th of the Seven main Chakras). It’s likely that one or more of the 7 chakra filters in each
one of these back chakras had been breached. But delving into the relationship of breached
back chakras and detached auric nerves will have to be the subject of another video focusing on Chakra Healing.


To help me visualize the situation of the 3 wildly vibrating auric nerves, my client’s Body Wisdom gave me the image of three electric eels going from the base of the spine to the bottom lumbar vertebrae, twisting, twining, and rotating around the spine in all directions.


Additionally, when the 3 ‘electric eel’ auric nerves would bounce off each other, that would be a moment when my client would experience uncontrollable, irrational anger, with explosive inner electrical reactions to whatever verbal abuse his boss was throwing at him.


And my client was so ‘punch drunk’ from years of this workplace bullying and hostile work environment, that he would have similar irrational anger responses in all kinds of non-work situations.


Even in these non-work situations, because the 3 ‘electric eel’ auric nerves were so enflamed and on edge all the time now, he would have these irrational excessively angry outbursts, way out of proportion to the reality of the situation.


I have another client who has very severe neuropathy, and I've seen the same phenomenon in him, where the auric nerves are not aligned with the physical nerves.


Another analogy my client’s Body Wisdom gave me, was visualizing old pinball machines from before the video game era, where the pinball is going all around the machine (if you’re good at the flippers), hitting one light-flashing bumper after another, going bing, bing, bing!


In this neuropathy example, the auric nerves are bouncing all around, creating crazy energies, driving the person crazy, and giving them tremendous pain.


In my client’s particular case, these crazy auric nerve firings just completely took over his attitude, creating unbearable tension and stress, bordering on him becoming verbally abusive to others, even slipping into aggressive, violent abusive outbursts as well.


When my client started acting out in these abusive ways, teetering on violence, that's when he got nervous, praying that someone wasn’t going to call the police to arrest and press charges against him.


So he thought, "I better deal with this right now," and that's when he started seeing me.


So basically, the distance healing process was that of gradually pulling out of his aura all the years of abuse he had taken from his boss.


I saw his boss's face as I was dissolving the many, many episodes of harassment.


Pulling them out one at a time, the workplace abuses occurring in different areas, at his work station, outside of work, at work parties, etcetera.


I would describe all these incidents to him, and he would say "Yeah, that definitely happened, that's exactly what happened.”


So by pulling out all these years of workplace stress, I was able to get the ‘electric eel’ auric nerves to begin calming down. 


They gradually slowed down their twisting and banging against each other, gradually lessening the incidents where they would hit each other explosively, creating irrational, uncontrollable anger reactions in my client.


Slowly but surely, the auric nerves began to align themselves along the correct physical spinal column location, where they should be.


I didn't quite get the auric nerves to align with the physical spine 100% in this particular energy healing, but in future healings I did.


And the result was that my client was finally able to curtail the explosive, violent, out-of-mind angry emotions that he was having to seemingly normal interactions with people


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