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page breakSacral Chakra Healing - Weight Issues - Aura Healing Insights

Weight Issues - Sacral Chakra Healing - Aura Healing Insights 

page breakIn this video: My client had a serious energetic block in her Sacral Chakra. During the healing I recognized that this 2nd Chakra
blockage was the primary cause of her Weight Issue. In this healing, her body wisdom offered me a couple of fascinating images to help guide my efforts to unblock the Sacral Chakra. This should translate to her losing weight as the physical body fat cells now can receive correct belly cell instructions from the brain.page break

page breakWeight Issues -Enlarged Auric Heart - Aura Healing Insights

Weight Issues - Enlarged Auric Heart - Aura Healing Insights 

page breakIn this video: My client, who due to a past heart attack, and chronic heart weakness and slow metabolism, needed to Lose
Weight to take pressure off the heart. I also saw immediately when I tuned in for the healing, that her Auric Heart was greatly Enlarged, basketball-sized and spherical. Through a fascinating metaphor that her body wisdom gave me (that of the Heart as a Symphony Conductor), I was able to help get her body's 'Organ-System Instruments' to listen to the 'Conductor' and thus tighten up the 'Harmony' of her whole circulatory system. This eventually should increase her metabolism, and her Weight Issue should improve.page break