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page breakAnxiety - fears and Paranoia - Aura Healing Insights Into Emotions

Anxiety - Fear & Paranoia - Aura Healing Insights 

page breakIn this video: My client has been experiencing irrational Anxiety during normal situations with friends and coworkers,
incorrectly projecting onto them the Fear and Paranoia that she was being judged and gossiped about. In this healing
I was able to uncover the likely root cause of this internalized emotional suffering: serious childhood family break

page breakAnxiety - Workplace Harassment - Aura Healing Insights

Anxiety - Workplace Harassment - Aura Healing Insights 

page breakIn this video: My client had to tip toe around his abusive boss at work, which gave him constant Anxiety. After many years
of this Workplace Harassment, my client internalized this Anxiety which often translated into irrational Angry outburst in response to
relatively normal situations. Watch the video to understand how these emotions created wild distortions in his nervous break