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page breakDefeated Feelings - Resurrecting Ancient RomanGreek Goddess Courage - Aura Healing Insights

Defeated Feelings - Resurrecting Ancient Goddess Courage - Aura Healing Insights

page breakIn this video: My client was feeling Defeated in life, and didn't have a strong desire to stay on the planet. During this healing her body wisdom guided me to discover in her aura an Ancient Goddess aspect of herself. This energetic opening gave her the courage she needed to recommit to finding her life purpose.

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page breakDefeated Feelings-Hemerrhoids - Meta Slider Image

Defeated Feelings - Hemorrhoids - Aura Healing Insights

page breakIn this video: When I tuned in for this healing, I discovered that my client had two distinct auric dimensions to his
Hemorrhoid condition: one of these auric dimensions looked like a loose, hanging, bulbous structure.  The emotional
condition which seemed to create this aspect of the Hemorrhoid, strongly reflected Defeated Feelings, mostly related to Money and Health worries. Watch the video to learn about the 2nd auric dimension of the Hemorrhoid as well how the healing progressed.

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