Codependent Mother-Daughter video image
How Ziji has Remotely helped in the healing of Unhealthy Mother-Daughter Codependence through Distance Aura Healing
August 15, 2023
How Ziji has Remotely helped in the healing of a Singer's Throat Chakra through Distance Aura Healing Thumbnail
How Ziji has Remotely helped in the healing of a Singer’s Throat Chakra through Distance Aura Healing
October 25, 2023
Codependent Mother-Daughter video image
How Ziji has Remotely helped in the healing of Unhealthy Mother-Daughter Codependence through Distance Aura Healing
August 15, 2023
How Ziji has Remotely helped in the healing of a Singer's Throat Chakra through Distance Aura Healing Thumbnail
How Ziji has Remotely helped in the healing of a Singer’s Throat Chakra through Distance Aura Healing
October 25, 2023

How Ziji has Remotely helped in the healing of a past Stillbirth through Distance Aura Healing

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Synopsis of Video:


This is an energy healing about a woman in her 50's



who came to me with severe cramping in the intestines.



I've done a number of belly or sacral chakra healings with this woman, and she


always complains about a bulge in her belly,



saying, it looks like she’s pregnant!  And there's already been many tests.


She gets all worked up. She gets a colonoscopy, an ultrasound, and other



tests, and the doctors never find anything.



And a few doctors have even made her really mad by saying


things like: "this is all your imagination. It's all in your mind."



So it's very frustrating when she and countless other people, who know they're



experiencing something, but the doctors with their



equipment, scans, blood tests, etc., can't find anything physical.



It's one of the reasons she and millions of others, seek out people like me


who do various energy healing modalities, like remote aura cleansing, distance aura clearing, remote



Reiki healing, Chakra balancing, Chakra clearings, and many other alternative healing modalities.


I, of course, work with the 7 layers of the human Aura as well as the 7 primary

Chakras on each of these layers (it’s really 12 chakras if you count the back chakras).



So when I tuned in for the distance healing this time, I saw something different than I’d seen

in previous remote healings with her.



Sometimes you have to work with a client for a while to finally get to one or more



‘root causes’ of their issues. You have to peel off the layers of trauma.



Usually it's the more recent layers first.



Since my client was in her 50's, what I saw today apparently occurred when she was

in her 20s.


And so, it may take a while to peel away the layers of trauma that occurred in the intervening years.



You know, Life happens!



Life can sometimes be very traumatic, and these traumas get layered in the aura.



So usually in my distance aura healings, but not all the time, we peel off layers of trauma in



chronological order in terms of the more recent traumas being peeled away first,



and then we go back in time to deeper and deeper past traumas.



Sometimes we go way back, you the person had some kind of



horrific trauma in, you know, 4 lifetimes ago and it's been sitting there all this time.



In this case, the Universe, God, and the Body Intelligence says


“I’ve got to get this poison out from this past lifetime, 4 reincarnations ago”.



So sometimes there's a Divine Intervention, like a Divinely-guided surgery,



pulling out that one crazy trauma from 4 lifetimes ago.



But usually it's more or less in chronological.



So what I saw this time with this client was when I tuned into that cramping,



all of a sudden I saw a whole a whole baby in there!



And it looked very much alive!



In this vision, I saw my client in a reclining position, not quite



giving birth yet. She seemed to be in a hospital bed.



And there was nobody else around, it was it just her.



And as I was looking at the baby, there was this intense intestinal cramping.



And I also saw all these all these fluids that I assumed was hormones. The endocrine system



hormone flooding looked like a rapidly moving river flooding down to the baby.



In this particular aura healing, I wasn't picking up all the full-body convulsions



that a woman would go through in labor.


Sometimes, if a trauma is so big, like the typical labor pains most women experience,



It may take a few, indeed perhaps many healings to erase the body’s labor and delivery trauma.


In this particular healing, my client’s body's gave me what I refer to as ‘echoes’,



or the lesser intense layers that her body went through during her labor and delivery.



In this case, these ‘echoes’ gave me the pains of her intense cramping, causing me a



tremendous amount of discomfort until I was able to dissolve the pain. I also felt the



flood of hormones.



Many of the 7 layers of the aura were involved here:



Obviously, all the physiological convulsions and body pains occurred at the ‘physical layer of the Aura, the 1st layer.



The ‘Emotional Body layer of the aura, the 2nd layer, particularly when there are difficulties in the birth



gets activated for long after the birth of the baby, and is dramatically exacerbated in miscarriages, abortions, and stillbirth.



It seemed to be a very difficult labor with endless contractions. The whole auric Muscular System is



strained to the max!


Then all of a sudden, what I felt next, was her water breaking.



The next thing I saw was a nurse basically holding a lifeless baby.



At this point, I knew this was a Stillbirth baby.



When I looked back at the mother, she was kind of out-of-it.



Maybe they gave her drugs or an epidural. I’m not sure, and she wasn't sure either.



Everything was very foggy when I asked her later about it.



But indeed she said, 'Yes, I had a Stillborn'. And went on recounting what she remembered



about it once I explained to her what I saw.



What I saw, in addition to her being out-of-it, was that she felt very emotionally



empty. Like there wasn't much support for her.



What I knew about my client’s life, currently and also back then, was that she was married to a



corporate executive. Somebody high up in some kind of big corporation.



And that he was kind of detached emotionally.



The way she described it to me, “I was his sex slave, his cook and cleaner in one”.



My feeling about it was that he wasn't a horrible guy, but he was detached and very busy with work.



Nonetheless there was definitely dysfunctional family dynamics playing out.



He did want to grow a family, but really didn't have that enchanted, magical sense of the sacred



mystery of “a life”.



For him. making babies is just what we do.



We’ve got money, so the baby will grow up and have a good life, go to a good school, get a good job, etc..



My client, the mother of course, just in her 20s, really didn't have a very high self esteem.



Maybe she married this guy for the money, or the lifestyle. Or maybe he was very good looking back then.


But she found out pretty quickly that he didn’t really value who she was.


Again, ‘sex slave, cook and cleaner in one’!



And baby-maker!



So when she had the Stillborn, she was basically all alone.



She felt guilt and shame. And very lonely.



She didn't have a big loving family on either side that were there for her emotionally.


Big family gatherings were planned for when the mother and newborn were home and settled.



But a lot of the invited were his corporate world and their wives, which didn't translate to any real emotional support.



You know they would give presents, and there would be a big celebration, but afterwards everyone would go back to their corporate lives.



But for this woman, in this life, having a Stillborn, she was completely alone emotionally.



She felt like she had failed, that she wasn't a successful woman.



She didn't do her ‘job’. She felt like she was being judged for her failure.



All of these thoughts and emotions put her was in a total cloud, probably for months with postpartum depression (PPD).


This was in addition, of course, to her body’s Auric Reproductive System as well as virtually all the body’s Aura Organs and Systems trying to recuperate from the nine months and labor and delivery.


Even in stillbirth, the mother will still lactate for breastfeeding. The constant reminder of the breast


milk may continue to add psychological stress, mood swings, and other assorted emotionally

traumatic states.



In the vision, the  baby looked relatively health, but something happened.



These are total mysteries.



So the mother has to regroup, replenish her hemoglobin, make sure she has enough iron in her blood,



gradually lose the extra weight, and heal from everything physiologically during those nine months.



This is a huge trek up the Himalayas. Just to come back from all of this.



She was in her 20s, so the doctor told her that she was still able to have future babies and that



He didn’t foresee her having any future Reproductive Issues.



But to even conceive of getting back on the baby-making treadmill, again, a huge trek up the Himalayas.



The heart, hope, the anticipation!



The baby room they made and all the baby clothes they either bought or got donated.



Now I didn't see the spirit of the baby on the spirit plane.



I've done quite a few healings with women who are pregnant.



I've done some healings with women who've had abortions.



And sometimes, I've seen the spirits of the babies on the spirit plane.



In one recent healing, the mother was having a really long labor.



She missed her due date.



So I had a talk with the baby spirit who was hovering above the hospital room.



The baby spirit was just hovering there on the spirit plane, looking down on



different family-type dramas happening as different people were visiting the delivery room.



The baby spirit was seeing these assorted family type dramas, and how the family members seemed



to be self-centered, distracted and not really focused on the drama the mother-to-be was going through.



So the baby spirit, looking down on all this, was saying “mmmm....I'm not ready.



I'm just not ready to come in yet”.



So I had a talk with the baby spirit. And filled the baby's imagination with exciting visions of
what was waiting for him on Earth!



I wasn’t exaggerating either, because I knew there was a lot of really exciting stuff



happening in the life of the mother and her family situation.



I got the baby all excited to come in.



Told him about all the sports he's gonna play. And all the fun he’s going to have.



He was going to love everything that's waiting for him once he shoots out into life!



A couple of days later the mother finally gave birth. I think it was a week after her due date.



In the healing of abortions I've also sometimes seen the baby spirit hovering.



A number of my clients you know have said to me that they still communicate, or



have some kind of psychic communication with the baby spirit that was aborted, or




In these cases, the woman was trying open their connection to what I call the High Astral, the 7th Layer.



In my terminology, the 7th layer of the aura, is where the Angel energies are.



Then you have the 6th Layer which I call the Lower Astral, but there's actually a


'Lower-Lower Astral', and there's a 'Higher-Lower Astral', which is just below the



more heavenly realms of the 7th layer.



So the kind of baby soul that could complete it’s earthly incarnation,



a lot of times depend on the consciousness of the parents and whether or not



they treat themselves, their bodies, their lives, and their consciousness, like a temple.



You know, so, there's so many dimensions to this conversations, but I should say



that at the end of this healing, my client said she didn't feel any of that intestinal



cramping anymore.



So when you do these kinds of healings and you see these kinds of visions, obviously



you know there's no way to prove it.



There’s no way to prove that I took out the auric remainder of her baby that



ended up being a Stillborn.



But she had this very intense intestinal cramping that doctor's couldn't find any physical cause.



So I went in, saw the baby, saw the water break, saw the Stillborn afterwards, and then saw the whole



emotional tragedy that followed her for months after that.



And when I asked her how she was doing after the healing, she says, 'Well, the cramping



is much, much better'.



So, who knows, right?



This is the mystery of the energy realm and energy healing.



In my case Aura Healing...









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