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November 10, 2020
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How Ziji has Remotely helped in the healing of Painful Shyness through Distance Aura Healing

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Synopsis of Video


 In this video I describe a past remote aura healing on a client who was painfully shy & suffering

from social isolation. The healing involved unravelling her spirit body which had become wrapped

up like an auric ‘cocoon’ to protect herself energetically.


She came to me complaining that she was painfully shy and as a result, wasn't able to move forward
in her life. reach out to people, take 
job and career opportunities, or succeed in relationships. 


The unique thing about this Distance Aura Healing is what this particular person did aurically 

over many years to protect herself, seal herself in, and create a buffer between herself and 

other people. 


When I tuned in for the Energy Healing, I saw the whole left side of her aura detaching from

the right side of her aura,

and contort itself in a completely different way than the right side.


The left side of the aura is the Yin, the feminine, the emotional. Your heart is on the left,

as is the spleen, both of which are very important emotional organs. 


So the client detached their spirit body to the left, splitting off with the right side.


Her spirit body was not only twisting to the left, but actually turned inward, wrapping 

herself in an auric blanket on the left side, which really looked like a cocoon. She wrapped 

herself up, turning the left side of her aura around as if curled up in a blanket 360 degrees all 

around the left side of her body.


So, it can be seen as a self-loving and sweet act of protecting herself with this auric blanket.

But there are always positives and negatives to all decisions that we make.  The negative 

aspects of creating this kind of  energy wall or barrier to protect you auricially, is that it becomes

harder for the world to connect with you.  It's almost like you're trying to be invisible by wrapping

yourself in this auric cocoon.  People look at you, and they're like, "Oh well, she's kind of to 

herself." "Very shy." They say to themselves that it's too much of an effort to get through to her.

She may be the nicest person in the world, but if there's an energetic barrier surrounding her, 

keeping her isolated and protected, many people will just assume she wants to be alone.

So anyway, during the remote healing, I felt her body wisdom saying to me things like, "It's 

about time for her to come out of the auric cocoon she created around herself.” “ Time to stop 

withdrawing from society." “Time to stop the self-isolation.”  


So, the distance healing itself involved the pulling out of her aura some past emotional traumas 

Until the left side of her auric body started to untwist and uncurl, allowing me to unwrap the auric 

blanket on the left and reattach it to the right side.


The points of reattachments were the spine and the back chakras as well. Thus the 7 primary chakras became part of the healing

as well, not to mention focused healing on her Emotional Body, the 2nd of the 7 layers of the Aura.


So now I can predict that this person will start feeling less shy, have less social anxiety

have reduced emotional stress in public, etc. Hopefully she’ll move forward in her life, 

and come back to the planet and to the people. Her aura will now be open, facing outwards, not 

hiding herself in energy ‘cocoon blankets’ anymore.





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