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November 10, 2020
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How Ziji has Remotely helped in the healing of Severe Mood Swings through Distance Aura Healing

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Synopsis of Video


Distance Aura Healer, Ziji Kaufman, describes a past healing on a client experiencing severe Mood Swings.

This condition evolved from past emotional traumas, causing a left-to-right emotional ‘flipping’ in the

back of the Heart Chakra, the 4th of the 7 primary Chakras.


When she’s in a happy, ecstatic emotional mood, her friends and acquaintances really adore

her. She is outgoing, happy, smiling, generous, and abundant in her enthusiasm toward you

and what you're up to in your life.


And then there's another side of her. She becomes a loner, isolates herself and rejects people

even shutting out her good friends who suddenly won't hear from her. 


During these darker phases of her mood swings, she gets into a really deep funk. 


From my vantage point as a natural healer, I'm thinking that there must be one or more, or even 

many traumas in her past wherein lie the root cause(s) of these fluctuating moods.


I am not an expert on psychological diagnoses and medical terminology, but off the top of my

head, one might possibly suspect that my client was suffering from such conditions as mania or 

manic depression, bipolar disorder, split personality,  or even schizophrenia.


It's really great as a distance aura healer when you can isolate in one localized area of the aura 

the whole complex that you are looking to transform.


In this particular chakra healing, I discovered that my client’s mood swings seemed to be 

localized in the back of her heart chakra, the Green Chakra, primarily in the 2nd layer of the 7 layers of the aura,

(the Emotional Body Layer)


In the back of her heart chakra (the Anahata chakra), I saw this complete duality. 


The right side of the back of her heart chakra (the fourth of the seven main chakras),  contained her outgoing, positive, happy side. 


And then it would flip to the left side of the back of her heart chakra, and her dark, sullen, 

rejecting, and isolating side would come out.  


Now the heart chakra to me is the most important chakra. To feel love, the ability to love, the 

energy to give love. 


The front of the heart chakra is about the ability to love, while the back of the heart chakra is about the energy to give love. 


A mother, for example, typically has an inherent ability to love, being able to shower a child with ‘a mother’s love’. 


But if that particular mother has too many children, and one or more of them are not easily

disciplined and respectful, it’s likely that her energy to give love, in other words, the back of 

her heart chakra, will reach a tipping point where her patience with those children will wear out,

and her words and actions likely become less loving, or worse!


So again, on the right side of the back of her heart chakra, she's got lots of energy to give 

love, and then she suddenly flips to the left side of the back of her heart chakra, where she's 

got no energy to give love. 


At this point in our vibrational healing work, I really don't know exactly what the root cause 

trauma(s) might be that have caused this severe left-right split. 


It could have come from some kind of bad relationship. It could have come from her parents. It 

could have come from a past lifetime.


Nonetheless, in this energy healing, I was able to balance the back of her heart chakra quite a 

bit, to even out her mood swings, dramatically lessening the extremes of her emotional 



So in sum, this is just an example of how some kind of trauma(s) to the heart can create a 

personality split that is serious,  where people just don't know who you're gonna be. 


Hopefully the swings will only occur once in a while, in which case people 

who know you might be able to tolerate the changes, and not judge or give up on you as 

a friend or acquaintance.  


Most of us have on and off side. So, it definitely merges into the normal range the softer the flip 

is between the mood polarities.


But if the emotional pendulum swings too frequently, like from one week to the next, much less 

from one day to the next, that's definitely when one should consider seeking out

a professional to prescribe medication. Once the moods are relatively stabilized, then working

with an alternative healer like myself could dig deeper into your auric past emotional traumas to 

hopefully excavate the root cause(s) of the mood swings, with the hope of relieving the effects 

of the original trauma(s) going forward.

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