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September 23, 2020
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Distance Aura Healing Into Physical and Emotional Traumas Due To A Bus Crash

Analysis: Distance Aura Healing Into Physical and Emotional Traumas Due To A Bus Crash

 In this video I describe a distance aura healing with a client trying to heal the physical and emotional injuries from a serious Bus Crash. The client’s body intelligence communicated a fascinating metaphoric vision to aid the healing. Whether the person experiences broken bones, fractured ribs, cracked vertebrae, etcetera, or has severe emotional trauma from the crash, the insights from this video may give perspective regarding all the dimensions of the healing process.


Analysis: In this video, I describe a distance aura healing with a client trying to heal the physical and emotional injuries from a serious Bus Crash.

One can easily imagine the physical injuries to the body that would potentially manifest from a bus crash where the bus rolled over and over, down a hill, and crashed finally into some trees in a ditch.

There were many people on this bus as well, so there are also the additional injuries from people crashing into you.

The glass windows breaking, and all the other potential debris flying through the bus, of course, increase the seriousness of all the possible injuries.

Of course, the person will be most likely be hospital-treated, and there will be potentially a whole range of treatment/procedures that may include multiple surgeries, bone-setting casts, assorted body-part braces, dental procedures, laceration stitches, etc. Clearly, a crash of this seriousness would most likely land the person in an ambulance headed to a Hospital Emergency Room, and then under the care of a Western Medical team for likely a substantial period of time.

A quick list of the most common physical injuries in this type of crash might include:

neck injuries (whiplash)
head/brain injuries
chest injuries
leg injuries
abdomen/pelvis injuries
back/spinal cord/vertebrae injuries
skin lacerations
internal bleeding
many more

Given the clear need for Western medical interventions following an accident like this, I wouldn’t imagine a person
would reach outto a remote aura healer like me until they were at least in stable condition.

Nonetheless, from my vantage point, it is important for a healer like myself to be able to work to heal the auric dimensions of
whatever emergency and otherwise treatments/procedures were necessary to at least stabilize the crash victim(s).

Here are some examples of how a crash victim’s Body Wisdom might guide me to help heal them of the physical traumas that came directly from the accident, as well as residual dimensions from the Western medical procedures/treatments necessitated to stabilize the person as well as ongoing therapies/procedures.

      • A person’s Body Wisdom might utilize me to make sure all 5 layers of the ‘human’ part of the aura have been healed of:
        - any surgical cuts to these layers,
        -auric holes from stitches,
        -auric fibers needed to reconnect broken bones,
        -reconnecting the communication of body parts and organ/systems that got disrupted in the accident, like reconnecting parts of the auric nervous system that experienced ‘short circuits’ during the accident for example.
        -And many more auric / energy field aspects of the ‘physical’ injury aspects the person suffered from the accident.*Note: In my system of Aura / Energy Healing, I have created my own language for some of the 7 established layers of the human aura described in esoteric literature. My names and descriptions of these 7 layers come, not from reading esoteric/metaphysical literature, but from my own 30+ years of healing my own and others’ auric fields.

So in my system and language, I call the 5th layer of the aura ‘The Human Container Layer’, as it is the energetic ‘eggshell’ that contains all the layers below that are concerned with the person’s current human incarnation. Layers 6, 7, and beyond are related to who the person is beyond this current incarnation and in-between human lifetimes on the spirit plane.

The client’s body intelligence communicated a fascinating metaphoric vision to aid the healing process from this Bus Crash trauma.
In the vision, the metaphor of crushed up Reynolds Wrap was shown to me to help me understand how to begin the process of
working to heal my client of this accident.

My understanding of the relevance of this Reynolds Wrap metaphor was that the physical and emotional traumas of this accident were
so delicate and interconnected, that I would have to unravel these traumas one by one, slowly separating each microsecond of impact
to the physical and emotional bodies. This is like having the science fiction equivalent of an internal full-body video camera that captured every microsecond of every physical and emotional aspect of the aura as it got slammed and thrown like a rag doll during this accident. Then, my part as a distance aura healer would be to access this science fiction video recording and go microsecond by microsecond to work to heal every dimension of the trauma.

To emphasize the complexity of healing the auric field of these kinds of physical impacts, a person would sustain in an accident like this, even one hard impact to, let’s say the chest area, would first hit the 3 distinct layers of skin cells, then impact the nerve cells and muscle tissue underneath that, then keep reverberating to the rib cage cartilage and bone, and then on deeper to the lungs, heart, arteries, and veins connected to the lungs and heart, etc.

Plus, as this healing video emphasizes, the emotional body receives its own extremely complicated microsecond by microsecond traumas, including the initial shock of the accident crash, then the second by second terror of not knowing if you were going to live, die, be mildly or seriously injured. One might have moments of existential crying for the possibility of leaving their loved ones, and/or burdening their loved ones with caretaking them. Clearly, the mental health dimensions of a traumatic experience like this may need long term healing from a variety of healing/therapy modalities, including my kind of remote aura-energy healing work.

There are also the spirit entities flying through the air from all the other occupants of the bus, many of which may end up lodging themselves in your aura, potentially causing all kinds of health problems.

And on and on and….

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