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Digestion-Issues - Martial Art Past Life - Aura Healing Insights

Digestion Issues - Martial Art Past Life

page breakIn this video: I discovered during the healing that my client's lifelong Digestive problems seemed to
stem from his past lives as a Martial Artist. In particular, it was those lifetimes where he was
fighting on behalf of organized crime groups, that the stress, anger, emotional shutdown, etc., of thug-ish
activities, all acted to traumatize his intestines and his digestive tract.

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Digestion Issues - Relationship Breakup - Aura Healing Insights

Digestion Issues - Relationship Breakup

page breakIn this video: My client's pancreas was suffering energetically from the ending of his relationship.
I believe that his Digestion was negatively impacted from this breakup due to the likely imbalances of pancreatic juices
flowing into the intestines.

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