Quora Question:
Why don't we remember our time in the spirit realm, before reincarnation?


My Answer:

From my vantage point, each lifetime has its own specific purpose according to the Divine Plan. That's typically 70 years (plus or minus 5 to 10 years) to actualize that life-plan. There's no need for us to remember our past lives and/or or time on the spirit plane in-between lifetimes, as each lifetime encompasses a competed life purpose. All past life or in-between lifetime experiences are still with us, recorded in the layers of our Aura and our Akashic Records. These past life and in-between lifetime experiences still express themselves in our actions and unconscious emotions in our current lifetime.

One question I often ask my healing clients when they exhibit strange physical symptoms and/or emotional behaviors that they can't seem to explain by any trauma(s) they recall happening in this lifetime, is::

How would your parents describe your physical and/or emotional behaviors when you were first born and into your 1st year?

Your parent's answer to this question can give you a sense of what your past life and/or in-between lifetime traumas were like. It's the physical and/or emotional traumas you came into this lifetime with.

Now if your parents say you were a lovely, happy newborn and infant, and now, at age 30 you're a physical and/or emotional wreck, you can deduce that most of your issues come from the traumas in this current lifetime.

To answer this question from a different vantage point:

If there is a Divine purpose for you to know information about your past lives and/or in-between lifetime experience, then that will be part of your Divine Plan for this current lifetime.

Perhaps you'll be spiritually guided to work with an Aura Healer like myself, who will be able to extract (and potentially heal) these past life and/or in-between lifetime traumas/experiences.

Or you may start getting your own revelations in dreams or in one of countless other ways the Divine realm can pull back the ‘veil’ for you to gain this past information about yourself.

Either way, I believe that if the Divine realm pulls the veil back for you, giving you knowledge of your past lives and/or experiences in-between lifetimes, THERE WILL BE SOME PURPOSE for you needing to know this past knowledge FOR THIS LIFETIME'S purpose.