Belly Fat healing -Featured Image
How Ziji has Remotely helped in the healing of Belly Fat Weight Loss through Distance Aura Healing
September 30, 2020
Uncontrollable Nervous System Shaking - Featured Image
How Ziji Remotely helped the healing of nonstop Nervous System Shaking through Distance Aura Healing
October 20, 2020
Belly Fat healing -Featured Image
How Ziji has Remotely helped in the healing of Belly Fat Weight Loss through Distance Aura Healing
September 30, 2020
Uncontrollable Nervous System Shaking - Featured Image
How Ziji Remotely helped the healing of nonstop Nervous System Shaking through Distance Aura Healing
October 20, 2020

How Ziji has Remotely helped in the healing of Chest Pain through Distance Aura Healing

Chest Pain healing - Featured Image

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Synopsis of Video


Distance Aura Healer, Ziji Kaufman, describes a past healing on a client experiencing stabbing pains in her chest. This pain was largely relieved from a solar plexus chakra healing, caused by an emotional breakdown of a 20 year old son after the mother complained about her son's lack of motivation.


In this particular healing, the complaint that the client had at the beginning of the healing, was that they were experiencing pressure in the chest. To be more exact, the pain was coming from underneath the middle of the ribcage.


My client was worried about what this pain could be.  You know, when you have these little pains, you worry, having never experienced this pain before. It just came out of the blue.


So I pulled up my 3D anatomy software to see what organs might be the cause of this pain.


In the region I identified as the pain area, there were such organs as the top of the liver, the bottom of the esophagus as it’s going into the stomach, and the very bottom of the heart.


Tuning in for the healing, as usual, I empty my mind to see what the body's wisdom has to show me. 


What I immediately saw was that this chest pain was an energetic issue, and that any physical cells of the body had not yet changed their cellular structures yet to begin the process of disease.


This is a very important concept to understand in the kind of remote Aura Healing work I do, that sometimes the pains that people experience have NOT YET become physical, and thus, a  distance Aura Healer like me can potentially correct the situation at the energy healing level before it ever becomes a medically measurable physical condition. 


This said, if the pain is not healed at the energetic level before it becomes a physical condition, IT WILL EVENTUALLY become a physical condition!   It may take more than one lifetime for some energetic trauma to finally manifest physically though. This is why so many people have these ‘mysterious’ pains, that no medical tests/scans are able to detect.


Going back to the healing, I seemed to hone in on the upper part of the Solar Plexus Chakra as a main source of my client’s chest pain.


Just for reference, the Solar Plexus Chakra, as all chakras, normally spin in a vortex spin, the ‘cone’ of the vortex sticking outward from the body. The spinning Chakra vortex is drawing energy into the body to take in to fertilize, nourish, and energize the body, as well as expelling energetic toxins the body wants to purge. The positive chakra energy either goes right into the organs and systems that are located in the vicinity of that particular chakra, and/or it gets distributed throughout the body via the ‘meridians’ developed and used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and it’s popular healing system, Acupuncture.


The strange thing I found initially in my client’s aura, was that her solar plexus chakra was pointing INWARD!


The effect of this inwardly pointing chakra, was that it was jamming INTO the body “like a dagger”! 


it was like a spike, an energy spike, and it had very intense energy pointing into the chest. 


Knowing a little bit about my client’s life, having done a few sessions with her, I had a sense that this probably had something to do with her son having had some kind of nervous breakdown. 


She really hadn't described the situation to me in any detail, but I got the sense that it was really serious, causing or compounding virtually all of her presenting health problems, like: One of the chambers of her heart became very lax slowing down the blood flow (low blood pressure); She gained a lot of weight; Her legs started giving out, affecting especially her knees; Back pain; Her thoughts got spacey (Brain Fog) and couldn't remember things; she became completely depressed; She stopped being an expressive person feeling shut down; etc.  


So assuming that so many of my client physical and emotional health issues were connected to the son issue, I stayed with the solar plexus chakra, and with a lot of effort, I was able to turn, the spinning of the chakra, and the pointing of the chakra ‘cone’, around 180 degrees in the right direction..


What I saw as I turned the solar plexus chakra 180 degrees, and she verified this completely, was that the nervous breakdown of her son began with her showing ‘tough love’ to him.


I saw in the vision, as I was turning her solar plexus chakra around, that she was talking powerfully to her son, saying assertively things like "Clean up your room”., “Get motivated”, “What are you doing with your life?", "Where is your mind?", "Come on now, get with it."

Those kinds of tough love things. 

She was being a powerful mother. She was using hard love. She wasn't being gentle with him.


But this harshness may have come after years and years of her son not going anywhere.


When I described the visions that I saw to my client, she said, "That's exactly accurate."


I was seeing the whole thing as if I was inside her aura watching her talking like this to her son. 


And, so here is the point when the correctly spinning, outwardly cone-shaped Solar Plexus Chakra, suddenly reversed 180 degrees, and created the chest pain ‘dagger’.


While she was assertively ‘in her son's face’ so-to-speak, her Solar Plexus Chakra went all the way out to the Sixth Layer of the 7 Layers of the Aura, energetically sticking into her son's face like a pointed finger. And he really felt it!


But at a certain point, while she was talking powerfully, expressing herself, and giving the hard love, and he was going "Yeah mom, just leave me alone." "I'll do it later." kind of stuff, he suddenly ‘flat-lined’ and just stopped responding. He became despondent, frozen, he ‘checked out’ so-to-speak, seeming very high on the autistic spectrum.


The energies coming out of her Throat Chakra, front and back, were especially abrasive. Indeed, the 'power of the tongue', in this case the 'power of the Throat Chakra', can not be underestimated!  Words sent hurling at another with Throat Chakra power can indeed short-circuit the recipient's nervous system in some ways, not to mention other potential destructive auric ramifications.


This to me is what I feel translated to this apparent ‘nervous breakdown’.


 And simultaneously, at this same moment, my client’s Solar Plexus Chakra stopped spinning in the correct direction, and  turned around 180 degrees to become a dagger energetically sticking back into her chest.


When he became despondent and unresponsive, my client’s forceful assertive energies suddenly imploded back into her, having nowhere to go, completely imploding like a dagger, going right back into her solar plexus. And this one moment seemed to be a source of her chest pain, as well as a root cause and/or aggravating factor to all of her other physical and emotional healing issues mentioned earlier.


So, to summarize, when someone has a pain, and the doctors can't figure out where it's coming from, can't see anything in blood tests, 

X-rays or scans, they will often tell the patient that their pain “must be psycho-somatic”, or "You must be imagining it."

But, of course, they are not trained to understand the energetic realm, and the power of the energy body systems, the 7 aura layers and the chakras


Energy is real. Energy has weight. Energy has force. It can hurt!


I don't know how long it would have taken for my client’s chest pain to manifest physically, say as, perhaps some kind of cancerous growth in the liver, ulceration in the stomach or esophagus, or collapse of some walls of the heart muscle.


But it is my belief that through this remote healing, we have been able to stave off these much more serious physical manifestations, and hopefully my client can breathe a sigh of relief with the faith that her basic health is in the process of being restored. 

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