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How Ziji has Remotely helped in the healing of Severe Mood Swings through Distance Aura Healing
November 22, 2020
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How Ziji has Remotely helped in the healing of Hemorrhoids through Distance Aura Healing

Hemorrhoids caused by Passive-Aggressive Emotions and Root Chakra Distortions - Featured Image

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Distance Aura Healer Ziji Kaufman describes a phone healing on a client with severe Hemorrhoids causing Root Chakra distortions created by chronic passive-aggressive emotions.


When tuning into a client’s aura, during a Remote Aura Healing over the phone, I was immediately taken to their area of concern; very painful hemorrhoids

If you know anything about the way that I heal, you understand that I empty my mind of everything the client tells me about their symptoms before I tune into, what I refer to as, their Body’s Wisdom. 

So when this client’s Body Wisdom immediately guided me to their hemorrhoids, I felt hopeful that I could make a difference in their hemorrhoid pain level as well as its skin irritation(s)

and distortion(s). 

What I saw was that this particular person’s hemorrhoids were the result of two distinct distortions in his Root Chakra, the 1st chakra of the 7 primary chakras, caused by two distinct emotional states.  

One distinct distortion resulted in loose tissue that created one big bulbous bubble on the left side of the sphincter and a general ‘drooping down’ of the skin of the hemorrhoid.

Obviously, as I do all my aura healing remotely, I couldn’t verify whether my client’s physical sphincter had this bulbous bubble on the left side, and I’m grateful for this as you might imagine!! 

Now I got some emotional information from this ‘loose-skin’ dimension of the hemorrhoid.

The words/ phrases that were communicated to me by this ‘loose-skin’ dimension were

emotions of feeling defeated, as well as having a lot of worries and fears, primarily having to do with money and health issues with himself as well as others he cared about in his life.

In terms of the Root Chakra (the 1st of the 7 main Chakras) distortions associated with my client’s hemorrhoid, it was spinning in a wobbly, loose, distorted manner, expressing aurically this drooping, defeated energy, which again, allowed the loose-skin bulbous bubble to form.

Ideally, as you may know, a healthy Root Chakra, the Muladhara chakra in the 7 energy chakras, would be a spinning vortex, and pointing straight down between the legs spinning in a perfect cone-shape.

The fact that the bulbous bubble was on the left side makes sense in that the left side is the more emotional side, the side with the heart, which again was feeling worries, fears, and defeatist thoughts.

Staying with this wobbly, loose spinning Root Chakra (the red chakra of the seven main chakras) and the associated loose skin dimension

of the hemorrhoid, I was able gradually to tighten the auric skin of the sphincter as well as dissolve the bulbous bubble hanging down on the left side. 

As soon as the sphincter looked practically normal, then all of a sudden a completely different

Root Chakra energy took over; a tight,-skin, constricted, dry, fiery, electrical, controlled, chapped energy. 

Now the Root Chakra wasn’t drooping and hanging down loosely, it was instead pulled up very tight and constricted very close to the sphincter. You could say that this was a very ‘tight ass’ energy, and perhaps my client might have been experienced by others as a ‘tight ass’ from time to time.

Indeed, I was seeing a whole network of dry, chapped lines in the auric sphincter skin. 

This energy came from upwards, inside the body cavity, and it had the emotions of anger, rage, and indignation from insults, put-downs, and frustrating situations.

Staying with this energy for a while, it finally transformed into a much more relaxed 

energy, and now the Root Chakra seemed to be spinning more normally (not perfectly though),

and the auric sphincter now looked much more normal with a much more relaxed auric skin.

I should also mention that the 1st layer of the 7 layers of the aura (the 'Physical Body' layer), and the

2nd layer of the seven layers of the human aura (the 'Emotional Body' layer) were the primary layers of the 7 auric layers

that were involved in this Hemorrhoid condition.

So, to summarize, my client seems to have what professionals might call a ‘passive-aggressive’

emotional complex, feeling alternatively defeated, low, drooping down with low self-esteem, being unable to stand up to people who put him down and belittle him in one way or another.

But then my client will do a ‘mood swing flip’, at least internally, to feeling angry and aggressive

towards those same persons/situations that were belittling him, etc.

I believe that perhaps my client had a lot of fears about expressing this ‘aggressive’ part of this mood-swing, and kept it bottled up inside.

But as we know, energy is neither created nor destroyed, so this ‘aggressive’ energy, if not expressed externally, will implode internally, and eventually create some health condition(s).

In this case, the internally imploded passive-aggressive emotions seemed to be the root cause of his hemorrhoids along with the associated distortions in his root chakra. 

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