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November 10, 2020
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Excessive Fears and Paranoid feelings-Featured Image
How Ziji has Remotely helped the healing of Fear & Paranoia Emotions through Distance Aura Healing
November 10, 2020
Hemorrhoids caused by Passive-Aggressive Emotions and Root Chakra Distortions - Featured Image
How Ziji has Remotely helped in the healing of Hemorrhoids through Distance Aura Healing
July 20, 2022

How Ziji has Remotely helped in the healing of Kidney Stones through Distance Aura Healing

Kidney Stone healing - Featured Image

YouTube version:

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Synopsis of Video


Distance Aura Healer, Ziji Kaufman, describes a past healing on a client who, among other health issues, had Kidney Stones. This healing involved working to dissolve the Stones by reconnecting his Spirit Kidneys to his underlying Energy Body Kidneys.


When I tuned in for the remote healing, I got visions that clearly seemed to be related to his kidney issues.


There are a couple of concepts here that I think are important to explain to really understand this healing.


The first is an easy-to-understand concept:  the Spirit Body, which you could also call

the spirit or the soul. That's the part of you that's eternal, the part of you that goes from

reincarnation to reincarnation. When you incarnate, the Spirit Body enters the physical body and brings it to life.


Now, there's another body underneath the physical body, an energy body, that's not the spirit body. This underlying energy body is first created by your parent's DNA instructions merging together to create the energetic ‘template’ from which the initial unfoldment of the fetus occurs. 


The fetus starts out as an energy body first, and then the cells line up along the energy body grid, gradually forming the actual fetus.


I call this underlying energy body the Auric Architecture. It's like the architecture of a building.

It's the framework or blueprint from which the building gets built. It’s the energetic blueprint or template that the ‘building structure’ of the emerging embryo builds its rapidly growing cells upon.


So in this particular distance aura healing, I saw my client's spirit body about two feet out to the left and a little bit behind his physical body which is a huge problem because the spirit body needs to be INSIDE the physical body for optimal health to occur. The spirit body brings the physical body to life. 


So if the spirit body is hovering two feet away from the physical body, obviously it's not going to be bringing the physical body completely to life. This spirit body detachment is serious, but not quite as serious as some other spirit body detachments that I've seen where people are way out of their bodies. This creates all kinds of health issues.


Now, the really interesting vision that I got when I first tuned into this energy healing was that the underlying auric architecture body, the energy body underneath the physical body, was completely bent over ninety degrees.


Ideally, the underlying auric architecture should be standing upright like the physical body.

But instead, it was completely horizontal from the waist down which is seriously out-of-alignment.


Clearly, the 1st layer of the 7 layers of the Aura, (the 'Physical Body' Layer), was only partially hooked up:

The legs up to the waist were relatively aligned, but from the waist up, the physical body

And the auric architecture body was separated by 90 degrees. 


Likewise, the root chakra, the 1st of the 7 main chakras, and the sacral chakra, the 2nd of the 7 primary chakras, were more or less hooked up, but

Beginning at the solar plexus chakra, the 3rd of the seven main chakras, and going up through the heart chakra, the 4th of the seven primary chakras, the throat chakra, the 5th of the 7 energy chakras,

the third eye chakra , the 6th of the seven energy chakras, and the crown chakra, the 7th of the 7 chakras, there was a complete disconnect between the Auric architecture chakras and the physical body positioning of the chakras. 


To better understand this situation, my client’s body wisdom gave me a vision of a horse and master situation, where the master seemed to be really angry with his horse, shaming, and belittling the horse because it wasn’t cooperating,  refusing to move. The horse just sort of hung its head down in shame, sadness, depression, frustration, etc. This is what happens when we don’t get love, and even worse, when we are aggressively put down, belittled, humiliated, marginalized, etc.  We hang our head, look down, and withdraw into ourselves.


So to translate this vision of the horse and master into auric energy terms, the horse hanging its

head down would be the Auric Architecture body bending 90 degrees horizontally from the waist. The belittling master would be the detached spirit body, hovering outside of the body, 

being irritated and angry at the Auric Architecture body for not ‘standing up straight’, which

would allow the spirit body to be able to rejoin the physical body. 


Again, the optimal situation would be where the auric architecture body is completely aligned with the physical body. Then the spirit body can come inside, bringing the physical and architecture bodies to life 100%. This perfect alignment is almost

impossible to achieve, but some very healthy people can get pretty close to this ideal alignment.


So the goal of the healing was to get the auric architecture body to stand up straight

and merge with the physical body, thus allowing the spirit body to come inside and bring it 

to life creating optimal health. That was the body wisdom's goal.


To accomplish this goal, my client’s body wisdom showed me a vision of a crane hoisting up a horizontal structure until it was vertical.  


In this metaphor, the ‘crane’ would be hoisting up the 90-degree horizontal hanging auric architecture body, gradually raising it up to a vertical position so the detached spirit body

could reenter the physical body. 


The fascinating thing was that the ‘crane’ turned out to be the spirit body’s kidneys, which

were connected to the auric architecture’s kidneys by a ‘hoisting rope’ which were essentially energetic cords or strands. 


Again, the spirit body and it’s spirit kidneys were detached out to the left of the physical body

about 2 feet and a little behind, while the auric architecture’s kidneys were more or less where the physical body’s kidneys were, though out of alignment 90 degrees.


My role in this healing was to act as the hoisting energy of the ‘kidney crane’, gradually turning the ‘crane pulley’ energy ‘rope’ such that the auric architecture kidneys were raised up from their horizontal position to vertical position.


When the auric architecture body became almost vertical, his spirit body finally was able to come in those 2 feet and get very close to the auric architecture kidneys and thus the physical body kidneys.


This is the way many conditions, diseases, and illnesses start, where

the spirit body, the auric architecture body, and the physical body are out of alignment. 


In these situations, the spirit body can't enter the physical body in one or more areas.

It's almost like the physical body is a disaster zone and the spirit body looks at it and says,

"Na, I can't get inside there." "The (Physical Body) House is not livable."


So, in this healing, when we were finally able to get the physical body kidneys and the energy body kidneys together, his spirit body said, "Oh okay, that's a situation where I can get back into my house,"


You could also say simultaneously, that this alignment created chakra balancing, with all the auric architecture chakra and physical body chakras now coming together. This didn’t start out as a chakra healing, but was a side effect of the work we did with the kidneys.


We didn't get it all aligned in this healing, but it was a lot better.


So to summarize, this healing shows how the spirit body gets detached from the physical and underlying energy body and then the healing process is to merge all of those bodies together.


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