Extreme Shyness-Wrapped In An Auric Cocoon — (video below top image)
August 25, 2018
Kidney Stone Healing-Psychic Crane Reeling Up Bent Over Energy Body — (video below top image)
August 25, 2018

Emotional Nervous System Shaking – Psychic Cannon Ball Dignity-Reclaiming Aftermath — (video below top image)

Transcription of Emotional Nervous System Shaking Video: Psychic Cannon Ball Dignity-Reclaiming Aftermath”

So this is a healing of a client of mine who I hadn’t seen for a few weeks because she went home on holiday to see her family and she came back and complained of having uncontrollable, involuntary shaking for four days. She’s just been shaking and shaking, trembling uncontrollably and couldn’t sleep, and headaches, and nervousness, and fears coming up, and all kinds of nightmares, etcetera, etcetera. So, I asked her, you know, what had happened, you know, with your family going back home, and she said that, you know, I had known, you know, about the abusive father that she had I’d seen that in her aura many times, in fact, you know, I knew that she had like a slouching curvature of the spine, her shoulders would hunch over, very poor posture, and I had seen in past healings that it was due to constantly being berated and put down, you know, by her abusive father. You’re not good enough, why didn’t you do this, you didn’t clean up, you don’t care, and you know, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Whatever he could think about to, sort of, make her feel inferior, and so she, you know, gradually would just hang her head, you know, it’s like when somebody is hitting you, you know, like if you whip a horse for example, you know, eventually they’re just gonna, sort of, hang their head, and turn the other way, and become, you know, sort of meek and sheepish, the rebellion has sort of been beaten out of them so to speak, so… So, basically what happened when I started doing the healing trying to obviously figure out why she’s shaking, you know, uncontrollably.

So, what I saw basically, I basically saw the whole episode with her and her father over the holidays when she visited, and she told me a little bit about it, you know, there was a big blow up, she couldn’t believe that she actually, you know, stood up to her father, you know, but I actually went in and tuned into her aura, I was able to see as I was doing the healing, see the whole scene from, sort of, inside her aura what happened, and so he started, you know, what he normally does berating her, you know, you did clean up after dinner, why did you say that, you’re wrong, you know, you always think that, you know, etcetera, etcetera, whatever he could say to make her feel bad and, you know, we’ve been doing a lot of healing work over the months, and giving her more power, and more confidence, and teaching her about her emotional body, and, you know, it’s amazing, you know, what can happen when you live away from home and of course you work with a healer like myself or somebody else or a therapist etcetera, etcetera, and you get a new sense of your dignity and your worth and your competence, your intelligence, you know, all of a sudden the world treats you differently and you’re like, you go back home and like, you know, who you talk. you know, don’t talk to me like that, I’m not the little girl, you know, who used to live here. So, initially when she went back home, she fell into the, you know, the normal pattern of just taking his abuse, and hanging their head, and slouching over. And then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, and I saw this when I was doing the healing, from the base of her spine shot up this, you know about Kundalini, a Kundalini opening where the energy shoots up the spine, well that’s what happened here. In an instant the energy shot from the bottom of the spine all way up, you know what it’s like? I was thinking of this when you go to a carnival, and you take the big hammer, and you hit it down on the lever and the puck goes all the, you know, hopefully goes all the way up and hits the bell? Well that’s kind of how it looked, it was like Whoosh, you know, and it went all the way up and her spine completely straightened righted up, you know, from slouching it just completely straightened, and was, you know, upright and strong like a warrior. And, then when I saw basically this just kept getting more and more intense. She started, I basically got an image that the vertebrae in the upper back, her body wisdom gave me this image that each vertebrae, in the upper back, became like a battleship cannon, and along with the words that she was saying, you know, don’t treat me like that, I’m not I’m not a little girl anymore, you can’t talk to me like that, I didn’t do anything wrong. She started, she started firing the psychic cannon balls, both from her tongue, you know, her words but also psychically each vertebrae was like a mini battleship cannon firing, firing, firing.

I witnessed this all. And, the father backed down, you know, he got very sheepish and meek, and couldn’t, you know, he was shocked, totally shocked, and he just basically got quiet, and walked out of the room. So, you know, she had some moment of satisfaction in victory there but shortly after that she started, she started shaking, you know, incredibly. And, as I said, it’s been four days, and she came to me. So, basically, you know, the concept here is that, you know, the physical and the emotional body are a composition of all the traumas that have ever happened to it, you know, in this lifetime, and if you believe in past lifetimes, from all the lifetimes you’ve ever had, there’s a certain feeling, you know, they talk about a ceiling, a barrier, a limit. It’s a certain, you know, limit to your physical and your emotional body they have really, you know, because of the traumas you’ve had there’s limitations on what you can feel, and also limitations on, you know, whether you can run now, or whether you can stretch, you know, etcetera, etcetera in your physical body based on different injuries you’ve had, physical injuries car crashes or whatever. An emotional boundary is based on, you know, heartache, heartbreak, you know, abuse or psychic abuse, emotional abuse, your aura shuts down. So, in an instant like this, you know, she had a volcanic explosion that just went completely way, way, way, beyond those physical and emotional limitations of her auric body. So, you know, there’s a concept of recoil when you go past your body’s protective boundaries you go past that, you’re shocking your nervous system, and then there’s a recall just like when you, you know, you fire a cannon, or you fire, you know, a rifle, you go backwards, that’s a recoil. Well, she fired psychic cannon balls and she completely recoiled her nervous system recoil, and it’s been four days.#So, as happens in so many areas, this concept of, you know, going past your body’s limitations and then your body flipping out. It happens, you know, all the time.

So, basically this healing, I was able to see all the different vibrations going on in the shaking, in the trembling, and I basically, I think I remember, like you know, my psychic hands became like, you know, five hundred fingers, and touching each one of those shaking and trembling vibrations and holding them with my five hundred psychic fingers I think, something like that, and getting in touch with where each vibration was coming from, and then slowly talking to it, talking to the vibrations, and simultaneously seeing the whole argument and all the whole experience from inside her aura. So, as I was holding each shaking, each vibration strands, and, you know, releasing the memory of that particular argument, slowly but surely the vibration slowed, slowed, slowed and finally we were able to erase the whole argument and her aura finally calmed down. So, anyway this is just an example of, you know, what happens in a situation where you break out of your, you know, your normal routine and go to a new level with having a major breakthrough. But, as this healing shows, you know, there’s ramifications for breaking through, you know, the restraints on your physical and emotional body, but thankfully there’s, you know, healing approaches that can, you know, help you, and calm it down and then you have a new relationship. You know, in her case she’s got now a new relationship or an evolved relationship with the bullying abusive father. So, it’s definitely a victory and now she’s calmer, she’s gotten some integration. So, you know, it’s pretty beautiful for her to have stood her ground like that, so… All right.

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