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How Ziji has Remotely helped in the healing of a past Stillbirth through Distance Aura Healing
September 8, 2023
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How Ziji has Remotely helped in the healing of a past Stillbirth through Distance Aura Healing
September 8, 2023

How Ziji has Remotely helped in the healing of a Singer’s Throat Chakra through Distance Aura Healing

How Ziji has Remotely helped in the healing of a Singer's Throat Chakra through Distance Aura Healing Thumbnail

YouTube version:

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Synopsis of Video:


So this is a healing about a woman singer



who has been having trouble recently



with throat issues, in particular hoarseness and some



pain in the throat as well. There were also signs of a sore throat,


scratchy throat, vocal strain, dry throat, raspy voice, and breathy singing.



She's got a number of singing gigs coming up, so



there’s a little bit of an urgency to healing her throat



and voice hoarseness.



What I know about this woman, is that she recently



broke up with her long time partner, and it was


not a very pretty breakup. And there was a lot of



anger, a lot of blame, and volatile fights towards the






As is my approach to distance aura healing, even



though the client Is urgently requesting healing on a



particular issue(s), in this case healing her singing voice



and throat pain, my remote energy healing approach



will tune into the client’s whole being. In this more general, guided



auric scan, I may pick up some typical common causes of vocal problems



like common cold, flu, influenza, allergies causing a cough, fever, sneezing,



swallowing pain, nasal congestion, or runny nose.



I may even pick up more serious dimensions of my client’s vocal cord



difficulties, like laryngitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, or inflammation of the tonsils,



swelling of the voice box, swelling of the larynx, strep throat,



swollen glands in the neck, swollen lymph nodes, vocal nodules,



vocal polyps, vocal cord cysts, and even vocal cord paralysis,



So when I tuned in for the distance Chakra healing, first



and foremost, I had to deal with the relationship drama



that was clouding up the higher layers of the 7 layers of

the aura, particularly the 2nd Layer of the Aura, the

Emotional Body, the third Layer of the Aura, the Mental



Body, and the Fourth Layer of the Aura, what I call the



People Body, where we store our interactions



with people.



And there was a lot of stuff in these 3 aura layers.



I was seeing you know, the arguments on the People



Layer, the 4th Layer.



Then I was seeing all of the mental thoughts processing



of the breakup, even though they were not interacting



with each other anymore. In the Mental Body there



she was still reviewing everything that happened in the





And then of course the Emotional Body, the 2nd Layer,



still has all these really deep emotions of anger,



hurt, and so much more.



So I had to deal with all of that.



My goal of course is to get to the Throat Chakra.



I know she's going to be happy when I can tell her that I



really got into the Throat Chakra, was able to open it



up, and was able to access her voice’s beautiful






But first I had to deal with all of this extra higher auric



layer stuff.



And finally, after doing a few smaller healings to calm



all the mucky relationship breakup energies down, I



was able to get inside what I call the Central Chakra



Channel which is the vertical line connecting the Crown



Chakra on the top and the Root Chakra on the bottom,



and where the in between front and back Chakras



ideally meet in the middle.



The Root and the Crown Chakra I



consider to be one extended long Chakra



that extends through the body. The upper vortex of the



Crown Chakra and the lower vortex of the Root Chakra,



are connected. And then going up the Central Chakra



Channel beginning from the bottom Root Chakra,




you have the Sacral Chakra, front and back which



ideally should meet in the middle of the Central Chakra






Then you have the Solar Plexus Chakra also



front and back which again should meet right in the



middle of the Central Chakra Channel.



Then moving upward, you've got the Heart Chakra.



front and back,  the Throat Chakra front and back, and



finally the Third Eye Chakra front and back.



So you’ve got 12 Chakras.



The Crown Chakra being number one. The Third



Eye front and back is numbers 2 and 3. The Throat



Chakra 4 and 5, the Heart Chakra 6 and 7,



Solar Plexus Chakra 8 and 9, Sacral Chakra 10 and 11,



and the Root Chakra number 12.



Of course the ancient yogic literature usually only



mention the ‘7 Primary Chakras’  or the ‘Seven Main



Chakras’, which fail to mention the back chakras.



In this case the Root Chakra is the First Chakra (also



called the 1st Chakra, Muladhara Chakra or the Red



Chakra). The front of the Sacral Chakra is the



Second Chakra (also called the 2nd Chakra, the



Svadhisthana Chakra, the Orange Chakra, the Belly



Chakra, the Navel Chakra, or the Womb Chakra),



The front of the Solar Plexus Chakra is the Third Chakra



(also called the 3rd Chakra, the Manipurac Chakra, or



the Yellow Chakra). The front of the Heart Chakra is the



Fourth Chakra  (also called the 4th Chakra, the Anahata



Chakra, or the Green Chakra).



The front of the Throat Chakra is the Fifth Chakra (also



called the 5th Chakra, the Vishuddha Chakra, or the Blue



Chakra). The front of the Third Eye Chakra is the Sixth



Chakra (also called the 6th Chakra, the Ajna Chakra, or



the Indigo Chakra / Purple Chakra). And finally, the



Crown Chakra is the Seventh Chakra (also called the 7th



Chakra, the Sahasrara Chakra, or the White Chakra /



Violet Chakra).



But the back Chakras of the Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart,



Throat, and Third Eye Chakras are just as important.



The Back Chakras hold the 'Will Energy' or the 'Power






Whereas for example, the front of the Heart Chakra



From my vantage point holds the 'ability to love',



the back of the Heart Chakra holds the 'energy to give



that love'.



So for example, you can have a great front Heart Chakra



ability to love, like a mother who can easily feel and



provide love for her newborn baby. But that same



mother’s back Heart Chakra might have limited



energy, such that she might be easily stressed and



short-tempered with her other kids, relatives



kids, or kids in the neighborhood.



So that's the difference in general between the front of



the Chakras and the back of the Chakras.



Now the amazing thing that I saw in this distance


Reiki healing, once I got past the higher layer cloudy



Energies; I got an incredible vision!



My client’s body intelligence gave me the vision of



the Central Chakra Channel as a Flute, Piccolo, or





In the vision, the Central Chakra Channel was hollowed-



out like a flute, piccolo, or recorder,  and the Chakras



were the notes of the flute, piccolo or recorder.



And it was so beautiful and clear.



I saw the different Chakra energies in that Central



Channel co-mingling as beautiful colors!



The energies were combining into beautiful pastel



colors, like beautiful blues, sweet reds, yellows, rose,


etc.  It was so beautiful.



I still had to work through a little bit of anger,



particularly in the Solar Plexus Chakra, which I consider



to be the Chakra where you connect with



people. And there was still a lot of anger that was



blocking these pure beautiful Flute energies.



And finally, when I got the Solar Plexus blocked ‘note’



of the Central Chakra Channel Flute to calm down,



all of a sudden, these beautiful multi-colored pastel



woodwind energies started collecting in the throat. And



at that point I was able to really work with the Throat



Chakra, front and back, and work with those beautiful



Collections of pastel ‘voice colors’.



When I was finally able to calm down the conversations



with her Ex, her Throat Chakra started really






A beautiful coalescing of pastel colors coming up and



down to the Throat Charka from the other Chakras.




And also coming back to people, to performing.



Coming back to opening her heart to the audience



and sharing that love.



Now the heart with the other Chakras come in to



the voice, adding to its beauty…the beauty of the voice.


So this was really sweet…and I was really grateful to be



able to witness this incredible imagery of the Central



Chakra Channel as a Flute, a Piccolo or a Recorder,



with all the Chakras being the notes.



Really, really cool stuff!


I just want to mention some of the main points I wrote



about in my Aura Coaching section for Singers.


My remote Aura Healings can help remove vocal cord


fatigue from vocal overuse. As mentioned in the


healing highlighted above, my distance Chakra Healings


can help remove the vocal blocks that occur from


difficult life circumstances, like emotionally-charged


arguments. My remote Energy healings can also help


the healing of a scratchy throat or sore throat from


over coughing from a cold, for example.


I just want to emphasize the concept of “singing colors”


as perhaps the greatest mystery behind the popularity


of one singer over another.


Most singers believe that vocal technique developed


from years of vocal training with vocal coaches who


have stellar past resumes, is what will separate one


singer from others.


While acknowledging the importance of studying with


Vocal coaches to work to master a myriad of vocal


styles and techniques, like vocal projection, vocal inflection,



I’ve discovered from studying


auric fields of countless singers in many different


musical genres, that the ‘voice colors’ that come out of


a singer’s voice ‘NATURALLY’, has the most effect on the


audiences’ pleasure and receptiveness to that singer.



As described in the above healing, the ‘colors of the


voice’ come from a constellation of light energies and


color / sound frequencies coalescing together from all


Chakras of the singer, not just singer’s Throat Chakra.


Working with my aura healings and coaching’s to


enhance your singing may give you the elusive “X-


Factor” that I feel holds the mystery that will elevate


one singer’s popularity over another.


By the way, all of the above information goes for Public Speakers


As well. The ‘auric colors’ of one’s speaking voice will likewise


be a mysterious X-factor in why one Public Speaker can ‘hold


an audience’ better than another speaker.



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