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How Ziji has Remotely helped in the healing of Pink Eye through Distance Aura Healing
March 7, 2023
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How Ziji has Remotely helped in the healing of Pink Eye through Distance Aura Healing
March 7, 2023
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How Ziji has Remotely helped in the healing of a past Stillbirth through Distance Aura Healing
September 8, 2023

How Ziji has Remotely helped in the healing of Unhealthy Mother-Daughter Codependence through Distance Aura Healing

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Synopsis of Video:


This is a healing about a woman in her late



20s, who came to me to lose weight, make progress in



her career, and find a lasting relationship.



When I tuned in for the healing, I saw that there were a



lot of mother-related issues.



I was immediately drawn to her 4th auric layer, what I



refer to as the 'People Layer of the Aura, where we store



our interactions with people.



I could see what I was almost certain was her mother



in this 4th layer.



After the healing I, of course, was able to validate that



my client had 'mother issues'.



I saw in her 4th layer that her mother's energy was



very animated. In these visions, her mother energy just



kept talking and talking. It was a very overbearing and



overwhelming energy that really engulfed my client






Now my client said she had 'just' moved away from



living at home, finally getting her own apartment in the






Then I went down to the 3rd layer of the aura, the Mental



Body, where I could see that the mother was basically



programming codependent and attachment into my client's



energy body.


Clearly the mother was domineering and oppressing her daughter,


unconsciously manipulating her to remain tied to her.


I felt like I was hearing the mother energy say things to



her daughter like


'You should do this'...



'You're not doing this enough'...



'I didn't like that last boyfriend of yours'



'So when are you going to bring him home', and



And now that my client has moved away from home,



the mother's codependent statements are like:



'I want to hear from you'.



'You better call me'.



I haven't heard from you'.



etc. etc.



Finally I went down to the second layer of my client's



aura, the Emotional Body.



That's when I really began to understand what was going






Now you would think that my client would



be really sick and tired of her overbearing, co-dependent,



needy mother. But that's not what I saw when looking



deeply into my client's aura.



I actually saw that my client had a lot of love and



affection for her mother.



But the fact that she moved away from home, and that she



realized at some level that her weight issue, her



difficulty with finding a career, and not being able to



find a lasting relationship, had something to do with her



codependent, overbearing, needy mother.



Nonetheless, looking at my client's heart chakra, there was



a lot of love coming from her heart towards her mother.



She just couldn't hurt her mother's feelings,



She couldn't get angry at her. Could not tell her to



stop controlling her. Couldn't tell her mother to stop



calling her all the time.



Also the solar plexus chakra, which I believe is largely



associated with our connections to people, showed this



really strong connection to her mother.



It was like she was tethered to her mother with a rope,



She couldn't pull away.



It was a very, very strong attachment.



Then when I tuned into the third eye, my client's brain



was frazzled and confused with so many conflicting






Thoughts like:



'How do I break away'?,



'Yet I need my mother'!



'I love talking to her, but she's controlling me'.




'She's keeping me from moving forward'. and



'God, she talks a lot'! Sometimes I just put the phone



down and let her talk. I just have to catch my breath for



a second.



So her third eye chakra was kind of wild.



So at this point, I got a vision of a past lifetime which



was very very interesting.



It reminded me so much of the Von Trapp Family from The



Sound Of Music, of course before they had to leave



due to the Nazi take over.



If you've seen the movie, you'll remember how cute,



well-behaved, playful, well groomed, and of course, how



talented these Von Trapp children were.



They were also very obedient, but not subconsciously



harboring feelings of anger and rebellion against the



nanny, Julie Andrews, or Mr. Von Trapp when he came to



check up in on the nanny and his kids.



What I saw in my client in my client's past lifetime



reminded me of this portion of The Sound of Music.



I saw my client as a six-year-old. She was very



obedient. She was being taken care of by a nanny.



She came from a wealthy family, and her mother was



always busy, involved in various community-oriented



projects with other wives of important people.



In other word, the mother in this past lifetime, wasn't



around her kid(s) very much.



When she was around, she was mostly talking to the nanny,



and making sure that her daughter's got such and such.



Making sure the nanny braided her daughter's hair.



Making sure her daughter's clothes were impeccably clean



and wrinkle free. Etc. Etc.



I could see that her mother in that lifetime was very



attractive. Tall and statuesque, and had a really



beautiful auric energy.



And even though her mother in this past lifetime was not



around a lot, my client as a six-year-old nonetheless



idolized this distant statuesque Goddess, worshipping



her though not really being able to connect with her.



And the mother radiated these beautiful energies while



conferring with the nanny, and so my client as a six-year-



old got this great energy only secondarily, transferred



through the nanny.



So at this point, I was definitely getting the feeling



that her mother in THIS life, was her mother



in THAT life.



I'm not 100% sure, but I definitely got this sense.



And so my client came into this lifetime, choosing another



go-around with that distant but beautiful mother from that



past 'Von Trapp Family' lifetime, wanting to get closer to



her this time around.



Wanting to hopefully get a more complete interaction with



this distant Goddess mother in THIS lifetime.



What my client didn't quite realize was that when her



mother was being distant and interacting with



the other wives in that Von Trapp Family lifetime,



she was yappin' away, being busy, busy, busy.



Since she didn't say much to her daughter, her daughter



couldn't get any real sense of her personality.



My client as a six-year-old, couldn't see that her mother



was an overbearing, co-dependent chatterbox with her






When giving instructions to the nanny, none of these



personality quirks appeared.



But now, coming into this lifetime, my client felt like



'I want to get closer to this distant mother that I



worshipped in the past life’.



But my client got a little bit more than she bargained






Now she got the full brunt of her mother's personality.



Her mother had this kind of energetic hypnotizing






It was really quite extraordinary.



When I tuned into my client's emotional body, all of a



sudden I saw this incredible energetic connection to her



mother that she couldn't quite get away from.



She was trying with love and affection to finally break



these ties, but the mother had this incredible hypnotic



pull on her daughter's energy field that she couldn't



break away from.



When I started to untangle and get inside that



hypnotic pulling energy, I realized one reason it was so



hard for my client to detach from it.



This was because her mother's auric energy field was extremely






It was like the strings of a musical instrument, like a




harp. And each pluck of its strings created this beautiful



celestial kind of melody.



This musical energy also translated into colors and light.



There was beautiful royal blue, fuchsia, mauve, purple, green and indigo.



It was just beautiful!



So now I really understood that the mother had the



daughter engulfed in this energetic hypnotic state.



This field was controlling her and immobilizing her.



My client couldn't move.



Thinking then about my client's weight issue, she had this



kind of bottle shape; a big bulbous flower vase-shaped



quality to the torso and belly, and then it would taper up



to kind of a petite, warm, gentle face and eyes.



Looking at this belly area, I understood why my client



couldn't move with this hypnotic energy keeping her still,



keeping her from losing weight, keeping her from moving on



with her life.



Every time when my client meets a man, the man is probably



thinking to himself, 'She's not really with me...there's



another energy pulling her'.



Indeed, the mother is always in her daughter's energy



field, pulling her towards herself and away from others.




The solution that I was guided to do in this



particular healing, was to help my client break this



strangling, hypnotic, mother energy that was in an



unhealthy way, surrounding her with this beautiful musical



color energy.



And so that's what we did.



I basically was guided to do my best to substitute, or



mimic, the mother's harp melody-note energy.



Finally, I actually saw the mother psychically kind of



being repelled away.



It's like she understood all of a sudden, that I was



breaking the energy lock that she had on her daughter's






And so that's what we did.



I basically was able to put my client back in her own



body, back in her own energy field, giving her a sense of



who she is, independent of this mother energy.



So that's what I'm hoping.



I'm hoping that this is going to translate to



her moving on in her life, finding the love of her



life, and losing the weight.



I have a feeling that she'll still continue to



love her mother and be a great daughter.



I'm sure she's not going to completely cut the mommy ties,



but at least energetically she can feel like she's



her own person at this point.





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