August 18, 2022

Remote Aura Healing helps heal RELATIONSHIP BREAKUP energy withdrawal which caused Solar Plexus Chakra distortions and Auric Pancreas sweetness withdrawal

Synopsis of Video Remote Aura Healer Ziji Kaufman describes a RELATIONSHIP BREAKUP aura healing on a client, which caused the 2nd layer of the aura (the […]
July 20, 2022

Distance Aura Healing on Client with Hemorrhoids caused by Passive-Aggressive Emotions and Root Chakra Distortions

Synapsis of Video   When tuning into a client’s aura, during a distance healing over the phone, I was immediately taken to their area of concern; […]
September 30, 2020

Remote Aura Healing Helps Weight Loss Through Reconnecting Belly Chakra and Reawakening Belly Cell Fat-Burning Metabolism

Synopsis of video: This video describes a remote aura healing I did on a client of mine, who had long sought to lose belly fat. Her […]