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November 10, 2020
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How Ziji has Remotely helped in the healing of Leg Limp through Distance Aura Healing

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Synopsis of Video


 In this video Remote Aura Healer Ziji Kaufman describes a past distance aura healing on an elderly

woman who suddenly started walking with a limp.  This condition began after being disrespected

and verbally abused by her son. The leg limp arose from a severed ‘womb  energy cord’ which

caused a Sacral Chakra leak (the Sacral Chakra is the 2nd of the 7 primary chakras).


This is an energy healing on an elderly woman, my client, who had been estranged from her son

for a number of years, having a love-hate relationship with him, and who was now engaged in a

property dispute with him.


The son has been behaving disrespectfully towards his mother during these property discussions.

This disrespect really hit my client emotionally very hard, not believing that her own son could treat

her this poorly. It perhaps falls short of elderly abuse, though she certainly felt emotionally abused

and her mental health took a dramatic nose dive.


These property disputes with her son happened approximately three months ago, and ever since,

my client began walking with a limp


The limping walk was on the left side. If you watch her, she sort of wobbles to the left when she walks. 


Obviously, this was of great concern to my client. It’s pretty serious when an elderly person starts

limping. It gets really scary for them, filling their minds with all sorts of fears related to falling and

related injuries like; leg muscle tears and sprains, leg joint dislocations, broken bones and fractures

in the hip, pelvis, thigh, knee, shin, calf, ankle, and feet, etc. They’ll imagine scary scenarios like hip and

knee replacements, sciatica, leg arthritis, leg neuropathy, surgeries, rehab, physical therapy, walkers,

wheelchairs, nursing home, etc.


My client had no idea why she was suddenly limping, but I quickly saw when I tuned in for the remote healing,

the direct connection between the trauma that she suffered a few months ago from the disputes with

her son, and her sudden left leg limping.


To understand the connection between the emotional trauma my client suffered from her son’s disrespect

and her sudden limping,  we must recognize the connection between the belly chakra (another way to

describe the Sacral Chakra- the second of the seven primary chakras) and the womb, the ultimate feminine part of the body, and the belly’s neurological connections to the legs.


Even though my client held her son in her womb many years ago, there was still an energetic and emotional

bond connecting her son to her womb.  And when he did something to really hurt her, that’s where it hit her,

in the womb area. And the chakra that’s part of the mother’s womb is the belly chakra (Sacral Chakra, the Orange Chakra of the 7 main chakras). 


What I discovered in this distance healing, when I tuned into her aura, was that her belly chakra (Sacral Chakra - the Svadhisthana chakra of the seven main chakras)  had a big leak coming out. The leak was like a spike coming out of the far left side. So the chakra healing on the 2nd chakra was needed.


Basically during this alternative healing, I saw and was able to correct, the distorted auric nerve connections  going

straight back from the far left side of the belly chakra, then coming inside the auric pelvic bone, and then

going down into the leg. 


This natural healing showed a direct connection between the emotional body, the energy body, the chakras,

the auric muscular system and the auric skeletal system, and the neurological system. It also shows

how the 2nd layer of the seven layers of the aura, (the 'Emotional Body' Layer), can have an impact on the the 1st  Layer of the 7 layers of the aura (the 'Physical Body' Layer).


When the emotional trauma is strong enough, all of these connected body systems can get thrown

into imbalance, causing everything to go out of whack. 


I would never say that I healed her limping completely, but the fact that I was able to do important

auric corrections with her auric leg nerves that were related to her limping while simultaneously

removing the auric emotional traumas connected to the disputes she had with her son, should

greatly improve her limping condition over time.


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