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page breakPeople Communication Issues -Neck Muscle Pain - Aura Healing Insights

People Communication Issues - Neck Muscle Pain - Aura Healing Insights

page breakIn this video: In her job as a Real Estate Agent, my client came to me experiencing Neck Muscle Pain which the healing revealed as stemming from difficult People Communications, specifically with homebuyers. She struggled to contain her desire to say those 'choice words' to the nit-picky home shoppers, but instead shut down her Throat Chakra which helped create the Neck Pain. To say that the homebuyers were often a 'Pain in the Neck' would be an understatement!page break

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In this video: The Mother and Son (People) Communication Issue, caused the Mother's leg to limp following a scary argument with her son.  The mother's womb-energetic connection to her son irritated pelvic nerves among other neural/muscular pathways, all of which led to her walking problem.


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In this video: In this healing, I discovered how People Communication Issues were contributing to my client's Enlarged Auric Heart. Firstly, my client cared too much, giving a lot but not receiving reciprocal appreciation and support. The result of this cycle, was that now she withholding Emotions in her People Interactions. Ultimately all of these emotions proved detrimental to her mental and ultimately her physical health.  Watch the video to see how I helped heal the extreme emotions related to her Heart issues, as well as the fantastic metaphorical imagery her body wisdom gave me showing the Heart as a Symphony break