How Ziji has Remotely helped in the healing of Prostate Pain through Distance Aura Healing
How Ziji has Remotely helped in the healing of Prostate Pain through Distance Aura Healing
December 27, 2022
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How Ziji has Remotely helped in the healing of Pink Eye through Distance Aura Healing
March 7, 2023

How Ziji has Remotely helped in the healing of Neck Muscle Pain through Distance Aura Healing

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Remote Aura Healer Ziji Kaufman describes a phone healing with a Real Estate Agent who was having severe Neck Muscle Pain (and Shoulder Muscle Pain) due to having to ‘hold her tongue’, suppressing her Throat Chakra, with certain home buyers.



This is a healing about a very successful Real Estate Agent in her 40s.

She came to me complaining of severe Neck muscle pain on the right side.


When I went in for the distance Aura Healing, this time over the phone,

I immediately saw that her auric Neck was bulging out to the right.


Now I've seen goiters on people before, and I think I might have

had a few clients over the years that have had physical goiters.

Goiters bulge out of the neck area in varying sizes and directions.

My client in this case did not have a physical goiter…yet!

Her goiter was still at the energy or auric level and had not yet

manifested on the physical level. And my client’s auric goiter wasn't

bulging out all the time. It seemed to appear in her aura when she was

angry, frustrated, tense, stressed out and annoyed.


From what I know about how my client conducts her Real Estate business,

she really gets her heart into it, selling homes ‘from the heart’.

She works hard to be laid back and authentic, caring about the home shoppers,

wanting the best fit for them, not trying to sell them something that's not

perfect for them.


So my client needs to stay in a very upbeat, positive mode even if the home buyers

are giving her a hard time, hemming and hawing, and criticizing various things

about the home she's showing them.

But of course, she can't really say anything off-putting to the homebuyers if she

wants to make a sale.


In chakra healing terms, she keeps the front of her throat chakra sealed. She's got


to suppress the deal-killing words her blocked throat chakra wants to say, holding


back her tongue, and somehow stay positive and ‘in the heart’.



But as in the 1st principle of thermodynamics, which says that energy can not be created

or destroyed, only transferred; the suppressed energy of my client’s ‘choice words’

has to go somewhere.  And for her, this suppressed energy of frustration and anxiety for not

making a sale, went straight to her right Neck Muscles. This suppressed energy clearly needed

an energy healer like me to do Aura Clearing, Aura Cleansing as well as Chakra Clearing and Chakra Cleansing.



It was a cycle. She'd be OK for a little while, schmoozing with the potential home buyers,

then she’d start feeling the frustrations with the homebuyers; the workplace stress, tension,

anger, exhaustion, annoyance, etc.  That’s when the right side of her auric neck would bulge out

like a goiter.


So I stayed with this in the remote energy healing for quite a while working to diffuse the energy

behind my client’s suppressed ‘choice words’, the words that she wanted to say to the

homebuyers but didn’t dare. Then finally staying with the energy healing, I wasn’t seeing the

auric goiter bulge out anymore.


Now what I was seeing was severe energetic stresses in the right auric Neck muscles.

I was seeing the tension in the auric deltoid muscle; the auric trapezius muscle; the auric

muscles connecting the sternum to the clavicle and temporal bone (the sternocleidomastoid

muscle); the auric muscle connecting the upper ribcage to the cervical vertebrae in the back

(the Scalene muscles); the auric muscle that lifts the scapula and the shoulder blade (the Levator Scapulae muscle), etc., etc., etc.  There were other auric Neck muscles that I was

seeing as well, but the areas I mentioned above were the main ones I was being primarily

guided to ‘diffuse’.


I should mention that in addition to her muscular conditions of Neck Muscle Sprain and Neck

Pain, her job stress also created  Neck Muscle spasms, Neck Muscle Tightness, Neck Muscle

Strain, Neck Muscle Swelling, and her Neck reduced Range of Motion.


Luckily, she didn’t have any musculoskeletal conditions, neuromuscular conditions, or skeletal

Neck conditions like Cervical Vertebrae Neck Fractures, Neck Pinched Nerves, Cervical

Herniated Discs, Cervical degenerative Discs, Cervical stenosis, Cervical Spine

Tumors,  Neck arthritis, or Neck tendons/ligaments related conditions.


Also, fortunately she hasn’t had any severe Neck injuries as might occur in a car accident with

whiplash or some accidental fall causing a broken neck.


Anyway, I stayed with this throat chakra balancing for a long time, trying to diffuse and dissolve

not all, but maybe the most recent frustrating and stressful interactions she'd had with

homebuyers. Maybe it went back a few weeks.


But what started to happen then was really interesting. At this point in the distance healing, the

auric Neck Muscles weren't ‘screaming’ anymore, in fact, they weren’t even ‘talking’.

The remote aura healing had shifted down into the whole auric body, not just the more localized

region of the right auric Neck.


Let me elaborate a little here in regard to how the distance energy healing process works when

you’re peeling off layers of past traumas.

This is what I typically do in a remote chakra healing session.

I like to use the analogy of a sponge to describe this process.

At first, the sponge has no water in it. This is analogous to the untraumatized full body.

As physical and emotional traumas accumulate, this is analogous to the sponge absorbing

more and more water. When the sponge cannot absorb anymore, the water starts to

overflow the sponge. This is analogous to when the full-body aura cannot absorb any more

trauma. What happens at this point, is that any further physical and/or emotional traumas will

accumulate in smaller and smaller localized areas of the body, since the full aura is saturated.

In my client’s case, this smaller localized area was her right Neck Muscles.

To say it a bit differently, when my client starts out her home-selling day, after perhaps a restful

Caribbean vacation, her auric ‘sponge’ is pretty empty of (recent) home-selling trauma. So

the first 5 layers of her aura (the layers dealing with her current lifetime - the 6th layer of the aura

and 7th layer of the aura deal with who she is in between lifetimes and/or beyond this lifetime) can absorb a

good amount of homebuyer abuse at first.

Maybe she’s good for a few days or more. But eventually, the first 5 layers of her aura will

become ‘saturated’ with homebuyer ‘trauma’, and now any extra abuse will go to smaller and

smaller areas of her auric body, in her case, the right auric Neck Muscles.

When the auric right Neck Muscle area becomes ‘saturated’, that’s when the auric Goiter starts


At this point she’ll need another Caribbean vacation!!

If she can’t get away to recover, things can start to get serious: doctors, pain meds, scans,

patches, braces, surgery, etc. I do believe my client practices some wholistic / holistic /

alternative / natural methods, seeking natural pain relief through things like yoga, meditation,

herbal supplements, a healthy diet, etc.


Nonetheless, she still needed extra help. In this case, from me with my aura, energy and

distance chakra healing work.


Let me elaborate a bit further on how the first 5 layers of the aura act as the complete

‘sponge’, filling up the 5 layers with ‘people muck’ until these 5 layers are saturated, and the

weight of this 5-layer downward pressure, creates one or more localized aches and pains (or

worse) in the physical body.


Let me start with the 4th layer of the 7 layers of the aura, which I call the ‘People Body’Layer. 

This is the layer where we store all our interactions with people. My client’s ‘People Body’ layer

begins about 3 feet away from her physical body and goes outward another 5 inches.

Auric layers are shaped like ovals or eggshell shaped (technically the shape is called a prolate

sphereoid) and they fit one inside the other like a Russian Doll set. All the eggshell layers go

360 degrees spherically around the body .

It should be obvious that this layer gets ‘saturated’ with ‘people muck’ pretty quickly in my

client’s job. This 4th layer saturation is the first layer to begin to ‘weight down’ on my client’s

body. The frustrated energy in this 4th layer has real WEIGHT, and that weight creates a

downward pressure on my client’s lower 3 layers.


Next, we have the ‘Mental Body’ layer, the 3rd layer of the aura, which for my client begins

about 2 feet from the body and goes out another foot, making contact with the beginning of the

4th layer. This layer is where we store our thoughts, which in my client’s case will no doubt

consist of lots of details about home specifications, financial dimensions, as well as quick

absorption of the specifics of the current homebuyer's lives and their homebuying preferences

and considerations.

Clearly headache material!

So it’s not hard to imagine how soon in a Real Estate person’s day, week, or month, that her

Mental Body 3rd layer will become saturated with ‘mental muck’. That’s another WEIGHT that

will be pressing down on my client’s body.


On to the 2nd layer of the aura, the ‘Emotional Body’, which is where we store our personal

emotions about what’s happing to us, which in my client’s case would be a combination of

whatever emotional complexities are happening in her personal life, as well as her feelings

about how things are going with the homebuyers she’s been dealing with. No doubt, my client

needs emotional healing to keep her sanity and her emotional health.

This layer goes out from the physical body about 5 inches and extends to where it’s just

touching the beginning of her Mental Body. So the WEIGHT of this 2nd layer depends on the

complexity of her personal life as well as the difficulty she’s having with the homebuyers over a

given time period.

In her line of work, there shouldn’t be any doubt that this Emotional Layer will be another

heavy WEIGHT pressing down on her physical body.


At this point, let me bring in the 5th layer of the aura, which I variously refer to as the ‘Human

Blueprint’ Layer, the ‘Human Template’ Layer, the ‘Human Container’ Layer, the ‘Human

Umbrella’ Layer, among other possible ways to describe it. Basically, it is the outermost layer

of our current lifetime, acting as an ‘umbrella’ or ‘container’ of all the lower layers that

comprise the energies we’re dealing with in this life.

So, based on what we’ve described above, the 5th layer is ‘containing’ all the WEIGHT of the

lower 3 layers we’ve mentioned already, focusing all of that pressure down toward the physical

body in a 360 degree sphere.


Finally, we get to the 1st layer of the aura, the ‘Physical Body’ Layer. This layer begins INSIDE

the physical body and extends out past the body, in my client’s case about 5 inches all around.

From my vantage point, the 1st layer of the aura ideally contains an energetic model of all the organs and systems of the physical body. So we have an auric digestive system, auric nervous systemauric skeletal system, the auric muscular system (which is the system that is

primarily impacting my client’s auric right Neck and Shoulder), to name just a few.

To add to this downward 4-layer WEIGHT pressing down on the 1st layer of the aura and the

physical body, my client is adding to the ‘saturation’ of the physical body simply by being on

her feet the whole day, 5 days a week, carrying a bag with all the paperwork all the time,

going without meals often, not hydrating enough, and being exhausted from talking, talking,

talking, to mention just some of her typical work-related stresses!


All of this is to impress upon you all of the nuances a remote aura healer like myself hopes

to help diffuse and clear during any given remote reiki healing, especially of a Real Estate Agent

among other similar ‘people muck’ professions!!!!


Anyway, I finally got her back to where I ‘saw’ her interacting with home buyers where she

wasn't experiencing any frustration, stress, tension, and annoyance anymore. Now I was

‘watching’ her being authentic, sweet, open-hearted, and really caring about the home buyers

once again.


You know this goes for any time you're dealing with the public in some pressurized way.

Especially jobs in sales, retail, or working on a commission.

Different people in different jobs may have different parts of their body that are holding that

‘people muck’ tension, but again, if they're smart, they will keep their mouths shut!

“The customer's always right”.


Finally, staying with the distance reiki healing a little longer, all of a sudden, I saw her playing

tennis. She was younger in this vision, looking like maybe nineteen or so.

In the vision, she was crouched over ready to hit the tennis ball. What was so interesting about

this vision, was the intricate involvement of her chakras as she was watching and waiting for her

opponent to hit the ball. All the 7 primary chakras on the 1st layer of her aura were involved

in some way.


Mostly the front of the third eye chakra, the throat chakra, the heart chakra, the

solar plexus chakra, and the sacral chakra were involved, all of them being so connected to the

moment. The central chakra channel connecting the crown chakra and the root chakra was

also ‘holding down the fort’ so to speak. This connection to heaven (crown) and earth (root)  is

fundamental for any athlete to be fully connected to their sport.

Again, this is the 1st layer, so all the 7 main chakras were really close to the body.

They were like mini satellite dishes, telepathically receiving psychic communications from her

opponent’s energy field.


She was so open, so connected to the moment, that she could telegraph her opponent,

reading her opponent's mind. Anticipating her opponent’s body movements at a microscopic

level, and processing all of that information instantaneously!

I asked her at the end of the healing did she ever play tennis? She said yes, she was part of a

college tennis team. And in fact she said she had a bad Neck Muscle sprain playing tennis for the team that put her out of commission for a while.


Now this college tennis injury to the Neck might not be the real original

injury. Sometimes what happens is, you get injured originally in a certain area, and that

area becomes the weakest link in your auric anatomy from that point on.

It could go back to past lifetimes too. You may come into this lifetime with certain weaknesses

in certain areas of the body, and then you ‘coincidently’ keep injuring that same area over

and over.


You could have the same exact accident as someone else, but they get injured

somewhere else in their body, or not injured at all, and for whatever reason, you keep

injuring the same area, in this case, the right Neck and Shoulder. So this tennis sprain,

back when she was nineteen, made that area weak. So now when she has these frustrating

interactions with home buyers, that's where the pain energy goes.


In sum, if you’re going to be a Real Estate Agent or someone who deals with the public in

stressful ways, in addition to keeping good mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual ‘hygiene’,

through consistently doing things like exercise, yoga, meditation, herbal supplements, eating a

healthy diet, etc., you may also benefit from alternative healing modalities like my own Aura




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