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.Exhausted Angel Past Life Emergency Worker Healing

My Vision Of One Of My Healing Clients As An Angel Being Called Back Down To Earth To Help After Long Rest Following A Difficult Past Life As A Disaster Relief Worker


This image depicts a vision that one of my healing client’s energy body transmitted to me during a phone healing. It represents a multi-reincarnational soul journey that first included a human lifetime many thousands of years ago where my client (in that lifetime) was a disaster relief helper of some kind, pulling people out of the rubble of frequent earthquakes among other disasters. Weary, exhausted and physically hurting from this lifetime, when she transitioned, she pleaded with the Divine Intelligences to allow her to take an extremely long vacation floating along on heavenly clouds of bliss as the Angel she truly was.

Well, guess what, eventually the Divine Intelligences told her that her heavenly vacation was up and that she was desperately needed back on Earth. My client, knew that she needed to be a helper of some sort in this lifetime, but emotionally she felt very resistant to this calling, as well as having a number of health issues (back and leg problems mostly) which would further keep her from dragging her soul back to who she was many thousands of years earlier when she was fresh and eager to jump in to helping people injured in disasters.My job was to do my best to heal the physical and emotional trauma of that disaster relief lifetime many thousands of years ago, and give her back her physical and emotional youthful strength so she can serve in this lifetime as a helper once again.

(In this lifetime, my client became a massage therapist, not an EMT worker, but the tiredness that my client was feeling from doing massages, seemed to bring up this same exhaustion regarding ‘helping people’. This exhaustion appeared to stem, at least in part, from this particular lifetime where she was some kind of disaster relief worker in this ancient culture.)




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