Transcription of SEVERE MOOD SWINGS Video-Left-Right Heart Chakra Back Flip

So, this is a healing about an extremely on and off moody person. Somebody who I’ve seen and really adore when they’re in their ecstatic emotional mood. You know, this person is just outgoing and happy and smiling and generous and you know, just complimentary and abundance in her enthusiasm for you and what you’re up to. And then , you know, she tells you. You don’t always see it when you’re with her. But then, once in a while. you get a glimpse. That there’s another side of her. And then she’ll tell you that in fact you know, she flips and historically becomes very like a loner. And isolated and rejecting of people, even some of her good friends. All of a sudden you won’t hear from her. And she gets into this really, really deep funk. So, obviously from my vantage point as a healer you know, I’m thinking that there must be one or more, or even many traumas. Hopefully not that many but… that… caused this flip. You could call it… I am not a, you know, a psychological diagnostician. So, you know, I’m not, you know, fluent in all these words and exactly what they mean medically but off the top of my head could be looked at as manic even possibly, like bi-polar or even split personality. So anyway, in this particular healing what I discovered I discovered, right from the back of the heart chakra, here. OK? And it’s really great when you can isolate You know, when you get this incredible insight that, you know, the whole… you know, the whole complex is coming down to, you know some kind of trauma that’s completely localized in one area. In this particular case it really seems to be localized in the back of the heart chakra.
Now, I didn’t get complete vision to see exactly what the trauma was. But, in this particular healing, just that insight, cause I was… Her body wisdom brought me to the back of the heart chakra and I saw this complete duality. I was watching the whole right side stemming from the back of the heart chakra on the right. Which was the outgoing, positive. And then we would flip. It would flip to the left side. And it was like really, like just dark and sullen and moody and isolated So, you know the purpose of this particular insight is just to demonstrate you know, in the back of the heart chakra is and the heart chakra, of course, is to me the most important chakra. Love and the ability to love. To have energy to love. It’s just really, really important in terms of our soul. In terms of our happiness. So, the back of the heart chakra is really the energy to love. And in this particular case she had sort of split it off. You know, she’s got on the right side she’s got all the energy to give love. And then all of a sudden she flips to the left side and she’s got no energy to love. So… Anyway, this is an example and it could, very well, have come from some kind of bad relationship. It could have come from her parents. Could have come from a past lifetime. We don’t really know. I haven’t gotten there in that healing yet, but I did get this fundamental insight. And I was able to balance the back of the heart chakra, quite a bit to even out the moods. So that was pretty exciting. You know, that I was able to actually shift the extremes of the imbalance. So… And this is just an example of how a trauma, some kind of trauma to the heart You know, can really create a personality split that is serious. you know, where people just don’t know who you’re gonna be. You know, hopefully not from one minute to the next. But one week to the next or, you know, periodically you know… Of course, somebody flips really frequently, that’s definitely consideration, possibly, for medication. But somebody who’s more… you know… flips in a more periodic and subtle way you know, it gets more into the normal range. So you have the whole range of possibilities of, you know, very severe split. to, you know most of us have some kind of on and off side. So, it definitely merges into the normal as we get more you know, softer in that flip between the polarities, so to speak.. So…Alright.

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