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January 26, 2023
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August 15, 2023

How Ziji has Remotely helped in the healing of Pink Eye through Distance Aura Healing

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Synopsis of Video:


Remote Aura Healer Ziji Kaufman describes a phone healing on a client with Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis) caused by a father’s emotional heartache at not being able to attend his daughter’s wedding.


This is a remote aura healing about a father (my client) who's daughter is about to get married. 


My client is really upset because he can't attend the wedding due to it being in a different 


country, and due to a variety of reasons (health, money, other dimensions), he can't make the 




As a result, a bunch of different health symptoms have appeared, for which he reached out to 


me for help with.


He had no idea that the symptoms that he was experiencing had anything to do with


his upset that he couldn't attend his daughter's wedding, and when I started the distance aura 


healing, I had no idea either . 


The condition that he was most worried about was pink eye, or conjunctivitis. In the photos he 


sent, I could see how swollen and red his left eye was. 


As far as I know, my client had not history of eye conditions like cataracts, glaucoma,


or macular degeneration. I don’t even think he wore prescription eye glasses or had


other common vision distortions like nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness

(hyperopia), blurred vision,  blind spots, double vision, clouded vision, sensitivity to


light, color recognition issues, floaters in vision field, tunnel vision, side vision 


(peripheral vision)  problems, dry eyes, blocked tear ducts, etc.


There was also pain in his left leg and foot which came on suddenly along with the pink eye.


The fact that both the pink eye and the leg pain were on the left side keyed me into that this was 


some kind of emotional issue, as past remote energy healings have shown.


These two issues also speak to the necessity of including remote chakra healings on third eye


chakra blockages and root chakra blocks (the 6th and the 1st of the 7 primary chakras), being  


connected to the eyes and legs/feet respectively. 


The first through fifth layers of the seven primary layers of the aura are also involved in the 


eye/leg-foot reactions to this emotional issue of missing the daughter’s wedding. 


Obviously, the 2nd layer of the aura, the ‘Emotional Body’ layer is the main culprit in these 2 


symptoms, but the fact that my client’s emotions have led to physical body symptoms, clearly


demonstrates the intimate ‘cause & effect’ relationship between the emotional body and the 1stt 


layer of the aura, the ‘Physical Body’ layer. 


We can’t discount the impact of my client’s 3rd layer of the aura, his ‘Mental Body’ layer, as he


was no doubt mentally ruminating on this ‘father tragedy’ before, during and after the missed 




The ‘People Body’ layer (the 4th layer of the aura) no doubt was also suffering, with my client


having many phone/internet exchanges with family and friends going to, or thinking about


him and his daughter, among other people-related topics like the groom and his friends and 




Finally, all of this energetic activity was being held-in-place, indeed pressure-cooked and 


incubated within the ‘Human Container Layer’, or the 5th layer of the aura.


So when I tuned in for the distance energy healing, I gradually began to understand the 


connection of his eye and leg symptoms to having to miss his daugher’s wedding. 


First of all, the left auric leg was elongated and distorted, not going straight down, but instead, it 


was tilted at an angle and kind of twisted. 


Then I went to the auric left eye, and it was bulging out of the auric left eye socket, and was 


watery and irritated.


Another facet of this remote energy healing that drew my attention, was the relationship 


between the auric spleen and the auric heart. 


If you looked at some of my other videos that touch on my revelations about the


auric purpose of the spleen (as apposed to the anatomical/physiological purpose),


you’ll recall that I’ve described the spleen as the first line of defense to protect the


heart from emotional situations that could potentially jolt, even ‘break’ the heart.


Some kind of situation where some kind of traumatic situation where the heart 


might ‘skip a beat’, or experience arrhythmia, even god-forbid a heart attack.


So the spleen to me, is the first line of defense. The spleen takes the first


hit, then processes it, deciding how much to allow  to reach the heart. 


So I also had to do a lot of remote reiki healing work on the spleen and the heart. 


That's when I really started to understand the connection between the pink eye and 


the ungrounded left auric leg.


I started to realize that all these auric organs and systems experiencing these symptoms,


were related to him having to miss his daughter’s wedding. 


All his frustration, stress, and joy...all the expectations...everything related to his baby girl getting 


married you know, caused the eyes, the ‘Windows of the Soul’, to tear up, .


Every emotion you could imagine came erupting from the heart causing the ‘Windows of the 


Soul’, his eyes, to become watery, bulging, irritated, swollen and red.


I also saw that there was also a spirit entity attached to the bulging left eye


This spirit entity was making the eye even more irritated,  actually pulling on the left auric eye


and to make it come even further out of the eye socket. 


That was actually one of the first things I had to do; pull that spirit entity off of the left auric eye


Then continuing the distance reiki healing work with the bottom of the left foot, reconnecting the 


the whole left side from the bottom the left foot through the pelvis, to the auric spleen and heart.


Then gradually bringing the auric left eye back into the head, and grounding the whole left side, 


bringing the whole left side of the aura back inside the physical body. 


It worked really well. 


I felt like he was calm, grounded and composed after the healing.


Of course, the wedding’s in a couple of days, so he might be calling me again after the 


wedding because, you know, the emotions are still there. 


But at least for today, we put him back in his body, his auric body. 


We put the auric left eye back in the auric left eye socket, and gave him back the


the coordination of the left leg. We also calmed down the spleen and the heart area. 



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